No tickets, Go sit down

Do you think there was something wrong with my ticket machine this afternoon?? LOL



One of our fairly new buses has, for some strange reason been painted Purple…



No idea why yet though! All seems a bit odd!

Oh and another picture to add to the “Cars in Bus Stops gallery”, from the other evening..


Passenger Conversations part 6

<Bus pulls up at stop>
Me: “Sorry you’ll need to fold down the buggy”

Woman: “Why?!”

Me: “Beacuse there is only one space for a buggy on this bus and there’s already one onboard”

Woman: “But can’t I just squeeze it in that gap?”

Me: “Sorry, No. Only allowed one buggy on this bus, We’ll wait while you fold it down”

Woman: “But Can’t I…”

Me: “No, There is no space”

Woman: “Bus Can’t…”

Me: “NO!”

Woman: “Fuckin Knob!”

We know what you're doing!

Not alot has been happening since the snow, and as I’m on lates don’t really get to do much outside of work.

Looks like they have finally started installing the Real Time Bus info at stops. For some reason the first one to have it installed is at a rather random stop hardly used by anyone..

Not long to go now til they know every little thing the driver’s doing! Talking about doing things, I gotta sort out some buy to let insurance, so I’ll have to cut this post short with some images!



We had quite a bit more snow on Monday evening, which was supposed to fall as rain, But we stayed out on the road this time, Although it was rather difficult to stay on the tarmac! lol

Snow day #2

The second day of snow,

This time we were all on the road before it all came down.

At roughly 08:45 I was driving along normally, 5 minutes later it pissed down with snow and my bus was stuck a quarter of the way up a hill !




Everyone waiting to take their turn, one by one, up the hill, You can just about see the petrol tanker near the top, The old bill were there helping to dig everyone out.


Almost my turn!

(You can see two other buses infront of me that were stuck too lol)




All the buses parked up at the Bus Station again by around 10am once

everyone had finally managed to get back


So another few hours off for us, Then, Seeing as us MK Metro drivers like to save the day, I helped out my old garage by doing a couple of 100’s to Aylesbury in one of our nice buses, Picture by Mrs C

According to the weather, There’s a load more coming tomorrow (Monday) evening to our area, Just in time for rush hour.. What fun!!!

Snow Day

Today was a day for pictures….

Woke up to be greeted by this outside this morning…



Then the journey to work began, Just 40 odd minutes instead of the usual 5…



Then, When I finally got to work, It was quite obvious we weren’t going anywhere…


So some drivers decided to occupy their time, This is Mr Metro the Snowman, Complete with Metro Baseball cap and High-Vis…


Others decided to have a snowball fight…


Then, Once management were fed up with us, We were all piled onto a Bus to the Bus Station,

Quite a strange sight, A Bus full of Bus Drivers…


The only bus in Milton Keynes to make it out of the Yard, The Driver’s Shuttle…


At about 12 noon, We decided to try running some buses, This is the City Centre…


and Some people think throwing snowballs at Buses is “harmless” and “just a bit of fun”…

Well This is the result!…

IMG 2008

IMG 2010

Great for the driver who has the life frightened out of him while trying to concentrate on driving!….