A rare moment

For all you people who think I’m some miserable git who doesn’t have any feelings, This might change your mind….


On a late shift of 4E’s tonight, On the last trip I get to the last stop at Wolverton, It’s around 2340 and there’s a young guy asleep, I go wake him up and he asks where we are, Tell him Wolverton. Then there’s suddenly a look of panic on his face when he tells me he meant to get off a Greenleys. He asks where the bus is going and I say the Depot now.

He then bursts into tears and says “My mum’s gonna kill me!!”

After okaying it with the garage, I tell him that although I’ve finished for the night, It’s his lucky day as I’ll take him back home in the bus, Which I do, and in fact he got dropped off right outside his house, Far nearer than the bus stop he should’ve got off at….


Just goes to show that us bus drivers do feel sorry for passengers sometimes!! 😛

I'm Famous!! (again)

pIm laughing once again as Ive been directed to to another photo of me at work thats on the internet, Thats six in total now….
pThis was back in 2007 when I was still at Aylesbury Garage, Taken in Dunstable, Why do I never see people taking pictures of me at the time!? LOL/p
pOh and this bus caught fire a few weeks later and was written off….. Im not connected to that! :-P/p
pPhoto is Copyright of on Flickr