Weather Blogging

Well the Weather People got it wrong (again!). After constantly repeating the fact that the snow would not reach MK I woke up to find this…



Don’t you just love snow when noones touched it 🙂 This picture was taken 4:30 this morning just before I left for work, It makes the street look quite pretty.

Never mind All Aboard.. It could be All Change!

Well I MAY have to change the image at the top of my blog in the near future as i’m thinking about leaving buses altogether. After a rather unpleasent incident on my bus yesterday I’ve kinda lost all interest.

Going to apply to ASDA, Argos and Woolworths tonight for Lorry Driving jobs.


Well I’ve decided to move off of the 114 and try a different route, The 183, which passes far fewer schools. That should make the day a little more pleasureable.


Time for a rant…

I am sick and Tired of people parking whereever they feel like it when they pick up their little darlings, Most of them seem to have no understanding of what the yellow lines mean and cause the whole road to come to a standstill.



I’ve written to the My local councillor who also happens to be the Mayor of MK. He has replied and said that there is to be some remodelling of the street but I still don’t think it’s going to work.

On a plus side he has seen my new website ( and is going to email me directly with any news that he feels is relevant, which is quite handy 🙂


Anyway, End of rant <g>

Messing with Site

I’ve been wondering what direction to take with my MK site at I’ve been ‘inspired’ by so have decided to turn it into a site about all the building projects in Milton Keynes. Seeing as the place is going to double in size there should be plenty to write about in the future.

I know alot of people hate the theme i’ve used on that site, but i’ts starting to grow on me.. 😛