Showbus 2015

So, today we’ve been to the yearly bus rally, Showbus.

I took one of our electric Streetlites, 5007.


I have to say this is probably one of the poorest organised Showbus events I’ve been to.  We were lucky with “only” waiting 40 minutes to get parked up, some buses had a three hour wait!

There seem to be quite a number of buses getting stuck in the soft ground too. If it’s held at Woburn Abbey again next year I think I’ll give it a miss…..


Anyway, 5007 did us well and only used 30% charge for the whole day. 🙂

and to end the post, here’s a picture of Professional Matt eyeing up an ice cream van ?



Station Square Completed

As of today, Station Square has opened to buses (finally!)

The area has gained 12 extra bus stops, although in reality it’s 10 as 2 are being used as bus stands.

A few pictures below taken by “Metro Matt”

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

The layout of stops, As shown on the MK Council Leaflet…




Y1 4 Towards CMK/Hospital/Bletchley
5/5A Towards CMK/Hospital/Bletchley
32 Towards CMK/Bletchley/Newton Longville
Y2 8 Towards CMK/Walnut Tree
300 Towards CMK/Coachway/Woburn Sands
Y3 1 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell/Olney
2 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell
7 Towards CMK/Stantonbury/Wolverton
Y4 40 Towards Bedford
99 Towards Luton Airport
X4 Towards CMK
X5 Towards Bedford/Cambridge
45 Towards Cranfield
Y5 11/12 Towards OU/Caldecotte
18 Towards CMK/Hospital/Fenny Stratford/Bletchley
25 Towards CMK/Newport Pagnell
28 Towards CMK/Furzton/Tattenhoe/Bletchley
X31 towards Dunstable/Luton
33/33A Towards CMK
23 Towards Great Linford/Wolverton
90/90A Towards CMK
Y6 Not in use
Z1 4 Towards Two Mile Ash/Wolverton
5 Towards Bradville/Wolverton
5A Towards Stony Stratford/Wolverton
Z2 2 Towards Westcroft
8 Towards Westcroft/Oxley Park
Z3 1 Towards Hospital/Stadium:MK/Bletchley
7 Towards Furzton/Bletchley
Z4 32 Towards Buckingham
89 Towards Towcester/Northampton
X4 Towards Northampton/Corby/Peterborough
X5 Towards Buckingham/Oxford
90/90A Towards Stony Stratford/Yardley Gobion
Z5 18 Towards Bradwell Common/Bradville
33/33A Towards Wolverton/Northampton
24 Towards Westcroft/Bletchley
28 Towards Crownhill/Shenley Wood
Z6 MK Dons Stadium Shuttle
OU Shuttle

Another Quick update

another quick update from me.

As I’ve posted many times on here before, I’ve thought about seperating my blog into two seperate blogs, One for buses and one for personal stuff.  Each time I’ve  thought about it it’s kind of gone to the back of my mind as soon as I begin to realise what a pain in the arse its going to be to do….

So I’ve now decided not to seperate it, But leave it with you the reader to decide on what you see.

At the top of the screen in the green bar, You can now choose to just see bus related posts, or no buses at all 🙂

If you are not fussed or like reading both types then just come here as normal 🙂


Training progresses at LM with me now doing my on the train training, Currently working through my route knowledge which I’m finding tough in places but plenty of revising at home seems to be doing the trick!


On the bus side, News reaches me of plans for a N5 night bus in MK from mid July, Once I have more details I’ll post here.


Not much else been going on, Sold my Macbook Air as I just could get on with it for £750 on ebay and used the money to buy me a nice new windows Laptop, some decent headphones, iPhone dock and still have some money left over!



Quick update from me

Another quick update,
Still in training at London midland, going well and it is very interesting… I just wanna get out there and do it now! Hopefully should be only a couple more weeks and I’ll be able to put all the classroom work into practice….

I’m thinking about buying one of these now.. (yes I know it’s sad!)


We are currently at the ticket machine training stage, So many ticket types and condition codes to remember!


The other day we took a walk along to the sidings to have a look at a train… Don’t realise how big they are when you are stood on the platform!


That’s pretty much it for now, looking forward to a weekend away in Great Yarmouth next weekend.

Bus related news, MK solo 2440 has lost its registration MK02 BUS…. I wonder where it’s gone…;-)


Let’s make this a two way conversation, let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments 🙂