New Song

Have a listen to this song, See what you think (and make sure you comment!).. I’m obsessed with it at the moment… I also seem to be addicted to Strictly Come Dancing, I’m sure it’s punishment for something I did in a previous lifeÂ

[youtube DXu-WL1URcA]

Be Updated by mail

Well as you can see, at the top of my blog you can now signup to be notified by email when I have updated my blog. Please do signup, If for nothing else that to see if i’ve installed it right and it works! 🙂

It's so much easier

Well I’ve been fiddling around with this desktop Blog software called Blog Desk. It does make posting an entry and

BLOGIMAGEadding pictures so much easier. If anybody is interested in the program it can be found at

Also if anybody is interested in an advert-free blog, Then please get in touch with me as i’m looking for more people to test the whole experience out.

On the Buses

Well what an interesting day at work yesterday.

First thing to happen,  I’m waiting at a set of traffic lights wanting to turn right, and two lads come up and ask me if i will let them off the bus here.  This happens on average 3 – 4 times a trip, and the answer is always no.  Not because, as most people who know me will think, because I’m a mean git, It’s for safety and the fact that there are camera’s and people out n about, on and off the bus, watching you to see you are doing your job properly.  People don’t realise just how often the driver is being watched and that’s  ontop of the CCTV camera’s allover the bus which are used for keeping a check on the driver more than passenger safety, anyway i’m waffling, back to the story.  These guys ask to get off at the Traffic Lights and I say “No, Sorry”, The bus stop was only another 30ft away so it wasn’t like they had to walk miles.  Well, the usual response to No is a load of abuse and they attempt to open the doors themselves, which is what happened on this occasion, But what the lads didnt realise was that the left hand lane was on green and the fist guy got off the bus, straight into the path of a car with knocked him down.  His mate looked on in horror at what had happened and I got on the radio to ask for an Ambulance, Police and a London Bus official to attend as I now couldn’t move and was blocking up the whole place.  Everyone arrived and the guy was taken to hospital.  His mate sorta just stood there so I said to him that perhaps, when a driver says no to opening the doors, you might now know why.  We were there for ages as the police took statements from me, the car driver and passengers, and a download of the CCTV images, basically so that it could be proven that it was not the car driver’s fault.. Anyway by this time this has all hapened i’m late for my break to the bus goes back out to the garage not in service.

Then comes my afternoon stint.. Off we go again and two blokes are standing at a bus stop, flag me down to get on.. Not that unusual except that they want to get on with the washing machine they have just bought from comet.. After me and some of the passengers stop laughing I say no, and they can’t understand why, so more abuse, as standard, is relayed to me… The Bus carries on.. and then we have a big argument with a coloured lady and a white man who starts shouing racist abuse at her for no reason and then he hits he baby, so I have to call the police again who again take mine, the ladies and the passengers statements, with the outcome being that the man was arrested.

Quite an interesting day realy LOL.

I’m off now to B & Q to get something to start Operation: Fix Terrimundi

Update Time

Well it’s been a few weeks since my IVA started so thought I better update on whats been going on with it.

As I posted a while back, It was accepted by my Creditor’s by a very very small margin, Something like 0.15% so it really was touch and go that it happened at all.  The various creditors requested some rules be added to the agreement most were standard things that get added to them all like no credit to be applied for during the 5 years, (Like i’d want to have another Credit Card!).  It has also been requested that I stop payments into my pension, which doesnt bother me too much as I had been overpaying into it for a few years so hopefully it will balance itself all out after the gap of deposits.

I’m slowly getting used to budgeting my money, It does feel very alien not to have a credit card in my wallet to just bung the petrol on etc.  But it does also feel a bit weird having money left at the end of the week, That’s going to take some getting used to… Not too long I hope lol.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m no good at using savings accounts, As soon as theirs a decent amount in there i’m clicking away and having it transferred into my Current account to spend spend spend.  Instead I have found something called a Terrimundi, A Terrimundi is a little urn-shaped piece of pottery with a small slit in it to fit coins.  The enclosed card says that tradition states that you should make a wish as you insert your first coin, and then you must “feed” it coins until it’s full, When you have to smash it open to get at the money inside.  This is my kind of saving as I can’t get to the money.  I know that i’m not earning any interest on what’s inside, But Feeling it getting heavier keeps me motivated.  I have one that i’m filling with only £2 coins, and it should hold around £800 😀

I also got myself another one arrive today to fill with just general silver but things haven’t gone according to plan,  I opened the package and found…



 Thats right it arrived all smashed.  Not sure if the ebayer I got it from will send a replacement, Have to wait and see. :/

What do you think?


Im very slowly working on a Web Site.. Trying to learn new skills.  It’s all being made in Notepad just by using HTML i’ve typed myself, No Frontpage here!

Have a look and tell me what you think, and where I should go with it, Be warned it is very VERY basic at the moment and not alot works.. Hey, I only started it today!

MK MARKET – News & Shopping for MK

'Bout time for an update


Well it’s been two weeks since I started my new job.The first week was the usual Form filling, being shown round the place and being introduced to loads of people who’s names you forget within 5 minutes.The second week was spent completing a NVQ specially created by Transport for London for Bus drivers.  The whole thing was a bit of a farce as we were given the answers lol.Then it was on to playing buses, by messing about with Ticket Machines and Band III radios and a bit of learning the routes for a couple of days.

And finally, yesterday I drove a bus in service on my own.. AND MY, WAS IT SCARY!!
Driving a bus in an area you don’t know is very weird and can cause allsorts of problems if you take a wrong turn.
Also it was far far busier than I would imagine it would be, with passengers and traffic.

When I was in Aylesbury a crowd was 3 old dears, Yesterday I picked up 94 people at once from 1 stop.. and being in a traffic jam at 9pm was also a new experience lol.

Just thinking what else has happened….. Oh yes, I had my IVA Meeting a week last tuesday and it was all accepted so no more nasty letters in the post and I can get on with my life once more.

Oh and I got a Tax rebate in my first pay packet so There’s nothing but good in the world at the moment 😀

I found this on YouTube the other day and think its very good and wish I could work out how they did it, what do you think?

Oh and for all you Food fans out there, I had Pizza for Tea.  



Well I went to a different Branch of Yorkshire Bank today to get this account open and the experience was a whole lot better 🙂 ….But it was short lived! lol

I’ve got the account open and all the details, Just rung their call centre to register for Phone/Internet Banking (As theres no branch nearby to pop in to) and been told it will be TWO WEEKS before I can register as thats how long it takes to “Update the System” GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I am wondering if I should just give up with them and Try to Live with this Electron Card Thing :/

What to do..


 Not feeling good today.

As part of my IVA Application I have to open a basic bank account with no Credit facilities with a Bank that I owe no money to.

Well after posting on some forums ( is a great site!), It was suggested that I goto Yorkshire Bank as they offer a full blown Maestro Card on theres.. This is almost unheard of for a Basic Bank Account.  So I looked up their web site to see if I could open one online.. I couldn’t, So Plan B was to finda local Branch.  The nearest one is Northampton about 15-20 miles away.  So today I got all the stuff I needed ready and made my way to the Train Station, Paid £7 for my Train Ticket and trotted off to the Branch.

When I arrived at the Branch there was a guy infront of me who wanted to open a all singing all dancing Current account. They lady said it would be about 10 minutes to see someone so off he went to wait. I said i wanted to open a Basic Account with them and was told the same thing, So i went and sat in the waiting area too…..

 5 Minutes later the same woman comes over and tells this guy it wont be long now, and then turns to me and says “you’ll have to come back later”! I replied that I had travelled a fair distance to open this account and just got the reply, “Well I would come back tomorrow then”.

No offer of a appointment or anything, Yet the other guy who just walked off the street like me got seen. I felt quite small and like I was being Judged for getting myself into this “mess”.  I’m embarrased by the state i’ve got myself into as it is, I don’t need that

It doesn’t bode well for a trouble free Banking future with them, But they have kinda got me over a barrell as I really would prefer an account with Maestro/Solo card.  Plus I’ve got to get it all sorted and up n running before next monday before I start my new job.   Grrrrrr Just don’t know what to do at the minute!
Plus I wasted £7 on a train ticket LOL!