Quiz time #2

Let’s see how quick you can guess this location.

This place has been causing major problems on one of our routes today with road resurfacing. Buses all over the place.





But at least my bus was apologetic!…


(Don’t be fooled by the Route number, I changed it before taking the pic)

Quiz Time



Okay, Let’s see how well you all do. Can anyone tell me what route I am on by looking at this picture?


I’ll update the post when someone guesses or everyone gives up

EDIT: Just wanted to point out my driving isn’t that bad, The fitter that brought it out as replacement for my broken down bus parked it half on the kerb!


Congratulations to Matt, Mark, MK Girl who all guessed correctly that I was indeed on a 280 in Tiddington. The first bus I had decided that it didn’t like having oil in it’s engine and thought it wold be a much better idea to deposit it on the road instead.



The situation with the replacement bus got worse in that the Destination blind wouldn’t move either as I was travelling along moved itself to show “Not In Service”, So I ended up stopping at very stop just incase someone wanted the bus.. Ended up going home 45 minutes late 🙁