Time Flies

It’s been almost a month since my last post, Yet I don’t really have anything to report.

I’m off to drive a bus for our Leighton Buzzard outstation for a couple of weeks as they are short staffed. Nice little shift each day, 1500 – 2120 😉

I’ve re-started my Bus model shop (www.modelsmk.co.uk) to try and make a bit of extra cash..


..But apart from that not alot has been happened 🙁


Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with the photo below?


An elderly lady got on the bus and got right up close, Started pointing her finger at me and said “YOU need to get YOUR bus sorted out, It’s not clear that you are going to Watford

I got out the cab and had a look, Thinking the powered blind had changed itself, But no, Still showing 500 Watford on the front… No idea where she was looking