The Weekend

How odd… not been able to add an entry for a while, AOL just wouldn’t let me 😛   So now for catch up…..

Well the weekends is over.
Been a good weekend, Spent it at Karen’s in Harlow.
Went out for dinner Saturday Afternoon at some country pub which was lovely. (although didn’t really help the diet! lol).
Had a few drinks in the evening and was a little drunk. . Ended up crashing out on the sofa waking up at 5am lol.

Sunday we went to watch Karen’s kids play Roller Hockey in Luton. Gawd what a depressing place that town is. I mean, i’ve driven through there loads of time when driving the bus at work. But didn’t realise it was really that bad. Not a place to add to my moving list!!! lol

Yay! more work!!

One of the best days i’ve had at work for a LONG time.  I finally moved rota’s today, so no more late nights :o))))   Latest now is quarter to eight at night, which I can cope with that <g>.


On a down side, my Broadband Wireless router thingy has died tonight so im having to use the manky USB one that came from Freeserve with me connection.  So i’m having to sit near the phone line now, instead of being able to sit infront of the telly. 😉


Catch up!

Well haven’t had time to update of late.. been far too busy, so now for a catch-up.


Wednesday was my day off, and I came into a bit of money, so went on a little shopping trip.  I know i should be paying of my debts, but I needed cheering up, and at least it wasn’t on the Credit Card. :o)    So I got meself a new DAB digital radio for me room (old one broke) and one for the car, which is being fitted Thursday, so i’m all excited lol.


Thrusday… Well not alot happened, just another crappy day at work.


Friday…  Work again today, but was much better, one of those days that everyone moansa about, but I love.  Shortage of buses and drivers so it was “all hands on deck”.  I love it it when it’s like that, Gives you a good feeling to be helping out doing this and that.. not knowing where your going next.  And the passengers are all grateful for a bus lol.


Weekend was werk, werk and werk :/ although I had a different day on Sunday with Rail Replacement for London Underground.  Got to see how chaotic Heathrow is LOL


Hmmm well as you might have noticed, it’s Monday :o(

After my weekend ona “High” its time to come crashing to the ground and back to reailty lol.  Had a really shite day at work today, Buses all over the place because of some roadworks on a roundabout in the town centre.  Now don’t get me wrong.. doesnt bother me taking over a bus late, were all late once in a while, and we all know its not done on purpose (even if that’s what the public think!).  But what does annoy me is when you are running late and the bus behind catches you up, but won’t overtake you, meaning that they can poodle around with a nice empty bus while i’m doing all the work, bus full to bursting at all times, getting the abuse from passengers etc etc.  And I think the worse part, is that you are stuck in that poxy tin can on wheels and cant contact anybody at the depot/bus station to report whats going on because we have no radios, and I had no credit on me mobile… Not that i think i should HAVE to use my own mobile on company business. GRRRRRRRR  just a wind up day today, plus it was a long none at 13 hours!!  Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better, got 4 hours of driving around the town, but at least the afternoon bit is a trip to Watford out of the way :o)  Well time for a bath then bed.

The Weekend

Well what a day….

Had a fantastic response to my journal, thanks to you all.  Nice to know you are all out there!!


Been to Karen’s today (My best friend who i would have never of met without AOL! Picture to Follow)In Harlow,Nice town, would like to live there one day when I have the money, Do worry a bit about moving there though, as i don’t know anyone I think i’d rely on Karen a bit too much and spoil our friendship.  Been looking at flats online while I was down there, can’t understand why property is so cheap there considering it’s like 20 minutes to London.  Bizarre!!


Also been talking about our Holiday.  We’re off to Florida in September and we are like excited children already LOL.  Can’t wait..  This is also another reason for the diet.  Also gotta start saving :o(  not sure where the spending money is gonna come from, but at least I have the money already to pay for the actual Holiday.  A grand total of 23 of us going! Mostly Karen’s family which I luckily know.  I do feel like i’m really part of the family! All so friendly. :o)


Well that’s enough for today I think, it’s 11:45pm and i’ve gotta be up for work at 4am tomorrow (groan).


Just had an interesting chat online with somebody who’s just confirmed my feelings that he’s a fantastic friend and wouldn’t have got thru stuff in my life of late without his help. So thanks to you!! (You know who you are)

The Beginning!

Well here it is… the start of a new life.

  A few weeks ago i went to the doctors complaining of various things like Being tired all the time, Not having any energy to goto work (yeah I know everyone feels like that!), infact not wanting to do anything even if it was fun before etc.  I was told i was clinically (if thats how you spell it) depressed…  Well since then i’ve be uming and arring if i should take the tablets i’ve been given… i’ve heard that it is quite hard to get off of them again, so i’ve been in two minds.


So this is why this blog/journal is here.  Im gonna change a few things in my life!

Friends –

Firstly, start making some new local friends – Over the past few years all of my friends, apart from 1 or 2, have left Milton Keynes for pastures new.  Some in neighbouring towns, others at the other end of the country.  Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not some sort of loner, it’s just that ALOT of my friends are people I know on AOL and they now outweigh my “real” friends.  This balance I need to change so i’m off to the Adult college this week to see what i can enrol in.  Hopefully I can make a few friends and learn summat new in the process.


Psoriasis and sorting in out! – 

Right, for you people who don’t know, i have Psoriasis ( for details).  And the time has come to be honest with myself that I really haven’t worked at trying to clear my skin of it.  You maybe thinking that i’m some sort of freak for not wanting to have my skin ‘normal’ looking, maybe so, but as ive had it for 11 years now my skin is normal to me. :/  I’m thinking that the whole can’t be bothered attitude towards it is a combination of trying this that and the other in creams n stuff to no avail, and also the “cant be bother to do anything” depression that i’m suffering with.  But the time has come to get serious with it.  Now i expect people to nag me to do it, it’s the only way i’m gonna get anywhere!! LOL.  So please feel free to nag me via my journal to take me medication.  (A Thankyou goes to the lady for her pervious nagging to “rub me cream in”.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed) :o)

Well thats it for now, and I think it’s enough to be getting on with don’t you?? LOL  You may think that my life isnt very exciting but well i doubt your’s is either hehehe!


Watch this space for update!