Your Transaction has been declined

I Just don’t believe my luck. For the second time in as many months my Bank Account has been cleared out by somebody using a clone of my Debit Card. Last month is was a Sainsburys in East Kilbride, Scotland. This month it’s somebody recharging their “Sawa” Prepaid credit Card in the Middle East. Each time they have made repeated transactions until there is no money left.

Looking at the places I use my card I card think of any time where the card has not been in my view. It only really gets used in Tesco, To pay my mobile Phone Bill and for Sky TV. I shred all my receipts so it’s got to have been ‘skimmed’ at one of the above places. 🙁

So from now on it’s going to be:

  • The card NEVER leaves my sight
  • Use a Prepaid Card for all Internet and Phone Transactions
  • Any bills that need paying will be by Bank Transfer instead of Card

Oh and so now of course I have about £20 to my name as my Card has been blocked and I have no access to money.

The End


Well it’s Finally over. Today was my last day at Transdev London Soverieign, Edgware. I feel strange, Like a great weight has been lifted, although I don’t know why. It’s far too late to start pondering on this so I’m off to bed.

Stage 1 & 2 done, 3 to go!

Had my interview this morning… Well wasn’t excatly an interview was just a chat about how I’d been since I last worked there.

Driving assessment was fine, although I did argue with the assessor about Positioning on a Roundabout that we turned right at. 😉

Anyway, All passed and now it’s onto the medical tomorrow In Luton at 9am.

If I don’t pass this then that’s it, and I get to go with a stinking cold.. Lucky me!!

A change..

People who have known me for a few years will either Scream, Shout, Shake their head or do all three when I say this…


…I’ve applied to go back to ARRIVA.

Busy doing nothing…

Went and took a few pictures after work the other afternoon.. It beat sitting in a traffic jam on the M1

27042007 011

Thames Barrier

27042007 012

Thames Barrier Close-up

27042007 015

Thames Barrier Park

27042007 017

Some bolt I liked the look of (Don’t ask why!)

27042007 010

Floating Hotel I’m told

27042007 009

Old Dissused Factory

27042007 008

and an ever so slightly blurred picture of the Train that took me there

Points and Coal Tar

27042007 007I’ve been collecting Tesco points like my life depended on it lately and have basically moved any service I can to Tesco. This includes the home phone line, Car Insurance, Payment Card, Car Breakdown and Savings Account (Which has nothing in at the moment).

The Idea being that I can save up clubcard vouchers for a Holiday or day out somewhere. Well I had a look at my points balance online this evening, Seems I have 7842 points! What that converts to in Vouchers I have no idea, But it looks like someone might be going on holiday soon! 🙂 Oh and if anyone needs some baby food and nappies do give me a shout, I got a load of extra Points vouchers from Tesco as I joined their baby club for em.. Managed to get myself an extra 1200 points, which are not included in the above balance, for a £9.00 spend (I’m obsessed).

01052007041I’ve spent most of today at the Hospital after being referred there because my Psoriasis has flared up quite badly. The nurse woman seems to think its also something else as well as Psoriasis so have had Skin scrapings done from various parts of my body to be sent away to “grow”. Should get the results in 6-8 weeks. In the mean time I have been given a Zinc & Coal Tar paste which I’m to have on my arms and legs for 22 hours a day (!), So I will be covered in Bandages, (I’ve been precribed 50 meteres of each of the 2 sizes i need, Thats a lot of bandage!), all day. This means I need to ask/beg work for a couple of extra shirts which are long sleeve as I don’t fancy twenty questions on the bus as to why I’m all bandaged up. Gotta go back in a fortnight to see how I’m doing.