I believe in you…..

Well tomorrow is the start of my new job and im getting more n more nervous, but also looking forward to it at the same time, I guess it’s just the feeling on the unknown.  So today i’ve been doing stuff to push it to the back of my mind.  Ive sorted me room out and given it a good clear up, Have given me Laptop a spring clean, but I still think a format is on the way :/ And i’ve just discovered RSS Feeds, so now have a new ticker going across the bottom of my screen with other people’s journal entries instantly updated to it :o) If you’re interested then click the “Get RSS Feed” @ the bottom of me journal…

(Have Just started laughing cos i’ve just heard that Howard from those Halifax commercials is about to release a single!!! OH DEAR GOD!!……http://www.sky.com/showbiz/article/0,,50001-1167145,00.html)

Television Dreams of Tomorrow….

Well, I had my interview at Metro, and was offered the job there n then.  With the terms and conditions they were offering I would have been stupid not to accept.  So this brings us to tomorrow, My last day working for Arriva.  Lots of mixed feelings at the moment, Excited about new job, Nervous about new job, and being “New Boy” again, Sad/Upset about all the friends I have made over three years in my current Job.  But You really can’t stay somewhere you hate, just cos of yer mates…..

So it’s a new beginning, a positive one at that!!

Massive row with me dad this evening about money, I don’t seem to be able to do anything right lately, whatever I do is wrong.  I’m trying to sort out me money problems, but it’s obviously not fast enough for his liking <grrrrr>.  Well the argument is all over n done with now if nuthin else.

Gonna go back to playing with me new phone, People who’s number I have, Be warned!… Lots of Picture Messages on the way !!

My car….

Smashed my Car up on Tuesday gone.  Not looking likey that its gonna be repaired either as the gearbox and other bits are all manked up.  Happened when on a bend and I skidded on ice straight into the one and only concrete block for miles around…