Hello *echo*

Well!, I haven’t been here for a while…. Does anyone even visit anymore?

Lots been happening, will post some stuff in the week, bus and non bus 🙂

imageHere’s a random picture of a train I took near Valkenburg.


All Aboard Blog v4.0

So, Ive decided to change the direction my blog is going slightly. It’s going to be a bit more “twitter-ey” (If that can even be called a word), In that instead of me sitting here ever couple of weeks trying to remember what’s been happening, I’ll instead be updating with little bits as I go along.
This will hopefully mean that I’ll be more inclined to post stuff, which in turn will mean the site is updated more often.

Everything that was here before will remain, Just the posting style may change a little.

You can also now comment on posts with your Facebook or Twitter accounts instead of handing over your email address to the site.

Also, If you wish to be updated of new posts, But don’t want to give your email address, Follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/jamoooooo

No more Email Updates

Well, some of you may have noticed that my blog was down for a few days, It seems that the Widget I was using that sends everyone an email when I update my blog was classed as a spamming machine by 1and1.

Until I can find a work around there will not be any email updating for now.
(I can hear the cheers from here!)

Milton Keynes Snow Service Update for Sunday 05/02/12

Updated at 09:04

Most buses are attempting to serve routes as normal but with the following exceptions:

Service 1 – Not serving Coffee Hall, Using Saxon Street instead. Also unable to serve Emberton or Lavendon, Terminating at Olney.

Service 2: Not Serving Oxley Park, Grange Farm, Willen Local Shops or Poet’s Estate in Newport Pagnell, Using Grid roads between the effected estates.

Service 4 – Unable to serve Hodge Lea, Using Great Monks Street

Service 7 – Unable to serve Stantonbury

TV Tonight!

Well, If you are at home tonight, and have nothing better to do then you can spend a bit of time BusDriverJames spotting on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight during The Gadget Show. I am sure the bus will get far more coverage than me, But will be interesting to see how it’s played out compared to how it was recorded on the day!

Let me know if you see me!