I just don't get it!

Am I being Thick?

Is there something wrong with me?

You can probably answer yes to both those questions, But can anyone see how somebody could think my bus was going to Luton from this Picture? ….


Last Friday i was asked by two different people if I was the Luton Bus.


Two Weeks In…

Well it’s been two weeks now working on Metro Buses,  29042008071

Which has surprisingly gone fairly quickly.

All I do is the Park & Ride Service 200, All day from 08:14 to 18:14 Monday to Friday, 33 Individual trips a day… So that means I’ve so far done 297 trips since I started it. LOL

It carries very few people, mainly just OAP’s from the Retirement Village and the occasional passenger for the “new” Coachway.

The “Park & Ride Service” Destination is a bit misleading as the Park & Ride closed, along now with the old Coachway, some time ago, So the bus just Kinda ends at a rather boring Roundabout.

Below is a map of the WHOLE Route, Long and meandering isn’t it!


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