I just don't get it!

Am I being Thick?

Is there something wrong with me?

You can probably answer yes to both those questions, But can anyone see how somebody could think my bus was going to Luton from this Picture? ….


Last Friday i was asked by two different people if I was the Luton Bus.


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  1. Flippin’ ‘eck some people are stupid!! Park and Ride 200 to Luton….almost as bad as the woman that asked me where that bus (points) is going to and when it next leaves.
    It was a DRIVER TRAINER, covered in huge L plates and with DRIVER UNDER INSTRUCTION painted on the blindbox!!

  2. Maybe its because they jut read every blind as:
    “Where I want to go” and after a load of hit and miss attempts they finally find the right bus…..?

  3. I bet the drivers on the 32 Buckingham – Milton Keynes and 32A get plenty of daft questions like that as well.

    I saw W492YGS on 32 this afternoon. Is it a permanent plan for AY to operate this.

  4. Tim, At the moment No, We are just running the service from Aylesbury on behalf of MK Metro while they deal with their driver shortage. What’s going to happen in the future I obviously don’t know because it’s not something as a driver I’d be told about.

    The reason you are seeing ARRIVA branded buses on the route is because the two Metro Solo’s sent over from MK keep overheating, So have now normally seen on Aylesbury town routes 9 & 2.

  5. yeah, we`v been told its a tempory thing, until were sorted with drivers. If any of our arriva buses are in bletchley we always get asked for luton.

    Was that you james in the tow truck with the pointer on the back? I was the one waving at you at the hockey stadium roundabout lol

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