Goodbye 22, Hello 2!

Well yesterday (Saturday) was the last day of Route 22, My Favourite route at Metro 🙁

Luckily I was able to swap duites with Professional Matt, who had a whole day of 22’s, So that I could do them one last time 🙂


(Please don’t ask about the waving of cucumbers, Its a long story and If I went into detail you’d think I’m even weirder than you do currently)


But Today was the start of the new, Improved route 2 which takes over the Westcroft end of the 22.

A slight difference with this route, Firstly it doesn’t go round Tattenhoe, and secondly (And a rather brave decision) the bus goes through Oxley Park Estate.

Now, Anyone thats been to Oxley Park before will realise that it’s still currently being built, which means the roads are still half finished, Coupled with the fact that most of the houses are rather expensive, as are all the cars parked outside these said house, This doesn’t really seem like good bus territory!!

Anyway, I decided to go for a couple of rides round with Professional Matt today to see what it was like, and I think it’s going to be rather interesting in the evenings with parked cars, Lots of bemused faces from residents as we went past, and one even flagged us down to find out why we were driving through. He didn’t seem too impressed when we told him it was a 30 minute service until 2230 at night, 7 days a week! I took a load of photos of the route which are below.


IMG 0147

Road with no houses 1

IMG 0150

Unfinished (and assumed unadopted) road

IMG 0173

The bus randomly goes through the Local Centre Car Park, This is by the Tesco Express

IMG 0176

Road with no houses 2

IMG 0177

Road with no houses 3

IMG 0164

Struggling to get the bus past double parked cars, Lucky it was just a minibus

IMG 0169

Another shot of the Local Centre Car Park the bus goes through

IMG 0162

More double parked cars

IMG 0185

Professional Matt stopped in another sort of Car Park the bus goes through

Professional Matt

During the course of my blogging, You’ve got to meet a couple of people from it…

The most famous being Mrs C and her Pink Hi-Vis… She even has her own Facebook fan club now LOL

and then, only a few weeks ago, You all got to put a face to the name “CowFacedRatBag”…

Well today we introduce you to another regular commenter on here, “Professional Matt”, who also drives a bus at MK Metro, and here he is!


So the next time he’s driving your bus, Feel free to congratulate him on his colour choice of rubber gloves


You really do need to be a master of many languages being a bus driver.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been asked for the following:

“Biddymee” – This turned out to be Fishermead

“NnnDee” – That was ALDI

“The Walnut” – Walnut Tree

“Lodgey” – Shenley Lodge (of course!)

There are others, I just can’t think of em at the moment….

Tickets Please

Last night The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on Radio 1 held a Karaoke event in Milton Keynes. This morning they are broadcasting their show from the BBC Three Counties studio in Willen, and as part of that they had a feature called “Aled in your Area” where Aled comes to help you out at work….

Well the first job was “Revenue Protection Manager” at Metro!

You can listen again to the show at


(Pictures are copyright of BBC)

aled1 ales1a

aled2 aled3

Can you see me?! UPDATE

Well the GPS tracking thing seemed to work quite well today.

According to the data, Between 11:08 and 18:38 I traveled 38.3 Miles, at an average speed of 5mph (!!!), and my Max Speed at any one time was 41mph. The average speed might be a bit inaccurate as there were two one hour breaks within that time.

Anyway, I’ve decided to have another go at it tomorrow, between the hours or 1500 – 1940, So don’t forget to log and look again.. and Please comment on it, I might add it as a permanent feature of the blog

You can use the (manual refresh) map in the post below or go directly to a map at

Can you see me?!

A new experiment for tomorrow (Monday).. If you can see the map below then you should be able to follow me around my shift (or as long as my iPhone battery lasts). This map uses GPS tracking to locate where I am.

Be interesting to see what people make of it

You can also goto the direct map, Which is supposed to update automatically at