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  1. Hi there, I wonder if anyone is able to sort out the route no.6. Each Friday, the no.6 from Bradvil due to arrive at Bletchley bus station at 4.15, just does not turn up, which means that there is no 4.15pm to depart Bletchley. And that happens each Friday!!!!!! But while waiting for the no.6 to turn up, millions of no.5’s going to Lakes Estate turn up, so many at the same time, that there is not enough bays for them. to park Many of those no.5 are even empty but they depart. But the many people waiting for the only 4.15pm no.6 wait in vain, since it just doesn’t turn up. Asking any driver of other buses is a waste of time, since they are so impolite (more to say rude). the only language they know is most of the time the FCUK language. And all that is called bus improvement. I call it a mess and a waste of money and time.

    I wonder if anybody has an idea, how to improve the MK Bus service once and for all.

    Thanks for any help or suggestion, greatly appreciated

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