All Change in MK!



Well say goodbye to the MK Metro name, From 25th April all services will officially be run by “Arriva Buses”

of course for staff, they all transferred on the 1st Jan, This just makes it official.


Route maps are now available on the Arriva MK minisite as well as a Town guide for commercial routes.

Town Guide >>>>> Click Here

Route 1 Map >>>>> Click Here

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Route 4/4A Map >>>>> Click Here

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MK Star Network – MK Metro Service Changes

These are the following changes I have at the moment, I will update when I have more info..


From 25th April:

Service 1, 1B, 1C:

Service cancelled and replaced with to service 1/1B and 1A/1C Newton Longville to Newport Pagnell and Cranfield along the current Service 7 route Bletchley – CMK

New service 1A/1C – Newport Pagnell – Bedford


Service 2:

This service is to now run direct along Brickhill Street and miss out Bolbeck Park & Giffard Park


Service 3:

New service running along the current service 6 Bradville – CMK then running to Woburn Sands via Brickhill Street/Monkston Park/Kingston


Service 4/4A:

Service 4 will now run current route from Bletchley as far as Two Mile Ash and Service 4A will run current route Bletchley-CMK and then follow current 29/39 route to Crownhill and Shenley Church End, with the following frequencies:

Bletchley – CMK, Every 7-8 minutes with route 4 extension to Two Mile Ash every 15 minutes and route 4A extension to Shenley every 30 minutes

The current service 4/4A to Wolverton is Withdrawn


Service 5/5A:

Service 5/5A will run as normal from Lakes Estate to Heelands then will run in alternate directions around Stacey Bushes-Fullers Slade-Stony Stratford-Wolverton-New Bradwell-Bradville loop replacing the current 4A routings.


Service 6:

Service Withdrawn



Service 7:

New route 7 will run every 30 minutes along the current route 7 from Wolverton – CMK and then will run the current 7A route to Bletchley, With alternate buses branching off at Furzton to cover service 6 to Bletchley (possibly numbered 7A, waiting confirmation)


Service 8/8A

Route 8 to follow current route, Only alternate buses to travel to Bletchley with the other doing the current 20/20A “loop” around Walnut Tree/Browns Wood/Old Farm Park


Route 12:

Service Withdrawn


Route 13:

Service Withdrawn


Route 16:

Service Withdrawn


Route 20/20A:

Service Withdrawn


Route 25:

Service Withdrawn


Route 26:

Service Withdrawn


Route 29/39:

Service Withdrawn


Route 51:

New route to replace the Winslow journeys on the current route 7