All Change in MK!



Well say goodbye to the MK Metro name, From 25th April all services will officially be run by “Arriva Buses”

of course for staff, they all transferred on the 1st Jan, This just makes it official.


Route maps are now available on the Arriva MK minisite as well as a Town guide for commercial routes.

Town Guide >>>>> Click Here

Route 1 Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 2 Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 3 Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 4/4A Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 5/5A Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 7/7A Map >>>>> Click Here

Route 8/8A Map >>>>> Click Here

6 Responses to All Change in MK!

  1. So does it become part of the Shires and Essex legal entity properly, or will “MK Metro Ltd” hang around for a bit, just like the wonderfully-named “United Counties Omnibus Co. Ltd.”, a nice piece of heritage which Stagecoach has not seen fit to get rid of?

    • Thats the plan eventually as far as I’m aware, It’s already happened with the Northampton outstation, But of course these things cost money, and at the moment no one wants to spend a penny more than they have to!

  2. I think it’s impressive that the new destinations like “Gt Holm & Two Mile Ash” and “Wolverton & Greenleys” were showing from day 1, and they looked good. There seems to be a bit of a problem with the 3 with some drivers going the wrong way round Bradwell Village, when Loughton Road should be a two way route just as the 12 was, and at least one instance of it being missed out altogether. However, it must be a lot to remember, I took a 25 today from Bletchley to Westcroft – only a bit of the whole route, and it must be difficult to remember all those turns!

  3. The new destination format does look very professional and is very readable, in my view. Nice that that one has been standardised on.

    The one thing I think I’d change about it is perhaps to have two versions of it, one that says “via CMK” and one that doesn’t, then to change it at the outer boundary of CMK (if you remember) to avoid buses saying “via CMK” when they aren’t as they already have done, if that makes sense.

    The other slight oddity in them that perhaps needs correcting is the one that reads:-

    Shopping Centre

    which should perhaps read something like

    Station – CBX


    Food Centre

    depending on which way it’s going, as “Shopping Centre” isn’t a via point. A bit picky I suppose 🙂

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