Route 321 – vanished! (For now)

Well this afternoon has been interesting.
With almost no notice, Meridian Bus seem to have suspended their 5 day old route 321!

No explanation given so far, and their website has no mention of the route at all. Rumours on Facebook range from a engineer that’s phoned in sick to the Redline service 21 not charging fares for this week.

MK Council are advising passengers on the City Centre to Olney section to catch the 21. Passengers for the Buckingham end of the route I’d suggest either the X5 or 32.

Another Quick update

another quick update from me.

As I’ve posted many times on here before, I’ve thought about seperating my blog into two seperate blogs, One for buses and one for personal stuff.  Each time I’ve  thought about it it’s kind of gone to the back of my mind as soon as I begin to realise what a pain in the arse its going to be to do….

So I’ve now decided not to seperate it, But leave it with you the reader to decide on what you see.

At the top of the screen in the green bar, You can now choose to just see bus related posts, or no buses at all 🙂

If you are not fussed or like reading both types then just come here as normal 🙂


Training progresses at LM with me now doing my on the train training, Currently working through my route knowledge which I’m finding tough in places but plenty of revising at home seems to be doing the trick!


On the bus side, News reaches me of plans for a N5 night bus in MK from mid July, Once I have more details I’ll post here.


Not much else been going on, Sold my Macbook Air as I just could get on with it for £750 on ebay and used the money to buy me a nice new windows Laptop, some decent headphones, iPhone dock and still have some money left over!




A day spent at Wycombe garage trying to sort out their real time system…..


I’ve never understood why they park all the broken/dead buses against the fence nearest the road so that its the first thing you see as you pull up alongside the depot… Not the greatest impression!


…and apparently this bus was on fire for more than 3 hours lol


Hope to have details of some MK route changes for April soon!

TV Tonight!

Well, If you are at home tonight, and have nothing better to do then you can spend a bit of time BusDriverJames spotting on Channel 5 at 8pm tonight during The Gadget Show. I am sure the bus will get far more coverage than me, But will be interesting to see how it’s played out compared to how it was recorded on the day!

Let me know if you see me!