"I've lost the gears AGAIN"

Apologies for not posting in a while.

I started back at Arriva a couple of weeks ago now and everything seems to be going okay. Had to go through all the training again which was a bit of a bore, and as I knew the trainer he picked on me for nearly every question.

After a few days in the classroom at Luton it was off to our depots. The first day there was a bit of piss taking by the drivers I knew there from the last time, But it only lasted a day. After that it felt like I hadn’t left the place, Which was nice but also scary at the same time. I jumped in a bus and went off to Oxford like I’d only been away from the job a few days!

So far this week I’ve managed to Breakdown three times in various buses.. I really did miss these extra “breaks” at Transdev 😉


One Broken down Bus – Luckily next to a shop 😉

Also, In the past 5 days I’ve been “spotted” while I’m at work and had my photograph taken..





On Saturday I got my new Co-op Bank debit card. Seemed to take them ages to open the account, well 13 days to be honest So I’m just being picky. Now we have the great task of moving all the Direct Debits about. Oh and since I’ve opened this account I’ve found out about a Credit Union for Transport Workers that offer a Current Account with a VISA Delta card and no credit check, Might apply. LOL…

…and I’m waiting on a cheque to clear that’s for my final wage at Transdev, Might buy myself a decent Digital SLR camera with it. 😀

Oh and I’m working on some marketing stuff for our depot, Will post more about it later.

I need a Bank Account


After whats happened in the past few days with my bank account has been used by various other people I’ve been looking at getting another account.

The problem being that because I’m in an IVA I have a very limited choice of who will accept me.

Infact there is only about 4 banks that will take me on with no credit check and only 1 out of that 4 that will give you a Debit Card (Yes one of those manky Electron ones), and that bank is The Co-op. So after spending nearly an hour on the phone to them giving them every possible personal detail about me the computer still comes back with “Referred”, So I still have to wait for a decision. Grrrr! 🙁