A change

I’d like people’s views please.. I’m wondering if I should seperate my Blog into two.. One for Personal life and one for what happens at work.. I’d also like to do one about the music im listening to at the moment n stuff.


Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

We'reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……Wide Awake!

Fell asleep at 6pm, Just woke up.. Now it’s time for bed I’m wide awake 🙁

Gonna add a music page to my blog, with all the crappy music i’m listening to at the moment, I;m sure you’ll all enjoy reading that.  Also, as you may have noticed i’m trying out different blog themes, Let me know what you think of each one.

Looks like they are going to be running the 114 all night on New Year’s eve/day, Might work it, dunno..  they aint paying much for giving up your night…

Just Messing About

I spent a few of my saved £2 coins on a new digital camera that i’ve been itching to buy all year, Just thought i’d test it out by taking a pic of our version of the London Eye here in Milton Keynes… Somehow it just dosen’t look as good!

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