I walked into work this morning to find this notice pinned up in various places….


This has come out of the blue for most staff at Aylesbury as I don’t think anyone knew that the Union was even at a debate, or even discussing stuff with ARRIVA. I can only assume that our Union Rep hasn’t told us anything.

I heard about a Union Meeting that was being held last night at MK Metro, and via the grapvine, have heard that the three of us from Aylesbury working over there aren’t welcome (By the union and/or some drivers). Some seem to be taking it to a personal level by ignoring us which seems a bit petty, We are only doing what is asked of us! We know you don’t like ARRIVA, and to be honest I’m not a great fan myself, But there’s no need to take it out on us personally. Perhaps I was a bit too hasty last week to think the staff had changed there… Looks like the transfer could be on hold! 🙁

Also heard a rumour today that the full ARRIVA’ing of Metro is not too far away.

I've been tempted….

I’ve been working at MK Metro for the MKMetro-26-MattCooperpast four days. Mainly to learn a few routes that we are going to be running with their vehicles but from our garage, But I’ve also found myself doing a few duties for them.

One thing I’ve found out this week is that my long term memory is pretty good as I’ve done all these route just from remembering when I was there three years previous…..

….and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it!!

Now I’m contemplating transferring over to them.. Not sure yet, It’s nothing but an idea yet. I’ve got this duty to do for a few months which will have me having my breaks at MK Bus Station so will have to see if the people are any friendler than they were in 2005.

Theres two things I’ve liked the most about working there, Being home within 5 minutes of finishing work and driving nice, comfortable, newish buses compared to our skips on wheels at Aylesbury.

Do you remember the first time?

This post is quite special… No I’m not shutting the blog down so you don’t have to read my dribble anymore or the fact that I’m giving away free money to the first 10 people to ring me up and say “Guitar Caravan” (which I’m not)… But the fact that this is the 100th post to this blog.

There has been more than 100 blog posts of course as this is the third blog I’ve had.

To celebrate this fantasical moment in history I’m going to post post some bits from previous moments in time….

(my comments about the posts are in bold)

First Posted: 02 January 2005 20:20:16 o’clock GMT

Not really sure what you can reply when you receive this picture in an email….



First Posted: 13 January 2005 21:01:25 o’clock GMT

“Well, I had my interview at Metro, and was offered the job there n then. With the terms and conditions they were offering I would have been stupid not to accept.”


I lasted 9 weeks at metro! I have ended up back at ARRIVA via a 2nd spell at Parcelforce LOL and now, Just to complete the Circle I’m being borrowed by MK Metro as they are short of staff at this very moment.

First Posted: 07 September 2006 23:12:32 o’clock BST

There is a Meeting for all the people I owe money to to vote if they accept my IVA and I can work at getting out of Debt, Thats what’s going round my mind at the moment…. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Oh and some nice person has given me a cold over the weekend so I feel like Poo and its not doing my Psoriasis any good either :/

(I’ll stop moaning now)

Oh and I had this Text’d to me this morning.. I know some strange People!


This woman has now moved to Aussie Land. My IVA has been going fine ever since that day (apart from a minor blip) and I haven’t stopped moaning 😛


First Posted: 30 September 2006 21:21:30 o’clock BST

[youtube VXS2QPn6tU4]

Still my all time fave video on youTube


First Posted: 19 Oct 2006

“Instead I have found something called a Terrimundi, A Terrimundi is a little urn-shaped piece of pottery with a small slit in it to fit coins.

Wait an Hour… Be talked at for 10 Minutes

Well its been nearly a week since I saw my Specialist at the Hospital.

I was told to carry on with the MTX treatment (Still no booze Boo!)

Been given some “magical” shampoo that was supposed to calm my face down quite quickly, But to me it looks redder than before!

IMG 1398

I went to my GP today as the mood swings I’ve been having lately are starting to annoy me. I’m been told to keep a “Mood Diary” which sounds a bit girly to me but I’ll give it a go. If these stroppy moods keep appearing then I’m gonna ask to come off the MTX…. Just not sure what treatment I’ll be allowed after that. 🙁