Wait an Hour… Be talked at for 10 Minutes

Well its been nearly a week since I saw my Specialist at the Hospital.

I was told to carry on with the MTX treatment (Still no booze Boo!)

Been given some “magical” shampoo that was supposed to calm my face down quite quickly, But to me it looks redder than before!

IMG 1398

I went to my GP today as the mood swings I’ve been having lately are starting to annoy me. I’m been told to keep a “Mood Diary” which sounds a bit girly to me but I’ll give it a go. If these stroppy moods keep appearing then I’m gonna ask to come off the MTX…. Just not sure what treatment I’ll be allowed after that. 🙁

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  1. God……. its bad enough that I have to read this tiresome tome let alone get nagged to RESPOND to it. Then modern technology takes over in its own inimicable way and EATS my comments so that I get nagged that I HAVENT replied when I HAVE!!!! I can’t remember what I wrote now but I think it was something along the lines of OMG James do you really have to keep filling your blog with scabby head shots? No wonder I dont want to look or reply innit! And yes I agree the red bit looks redder but stop cheating and asking for sympathy. If you look closely so does the rest of your skin. Just sort the colour hue and saturation out, your colour balance is all over the place! At least you havent turned into the blue man ;o) Lots of love and best wishes Moon Unit.presses “Submit Comment” crosses fingers…….

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