Passenger Conversations Part 12

[Doors open at Hospital Stop and Woman gets on, Stares and puts a £2 coin on the tray]


“Where are you going?”


“You do need to say where you are going, I am unable to guess”

“It is up to YOU to ask me where I am going”

“Sorry, No, It’s down to you to tell me where you want to go, Just like this notice says here” [Points]


[Puts change on tray] “Please and Thank You work wonders too”

[Woman walks off]

Service Changes from Sunday 23rd October 2011

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Changes to Arriva Milton Keynes bus services from 23rd October 2011


Service 1

Some Off Peak journeys to and from Lavendon will not serve Emberton and will use Drift Way in Olney. Some journeys will now terminate at Olney. Revised Timetable

Service 3

Sunday journeys will use Standing way between Kingston Centre and Monkston and will not serve Grove Way/Open University. Revised Timetable

Service 4

Journeys at School Opening & Closing times will divert from Two Mile Ash, Using Great Monks Street between TMA and Hodge Lea, and also Divert via Field Lane, Greenleys. Revised Timetable

Service 5/5A

Services will now Terminate at Wolverton Agora. It will no longer be possible to transfer between services, eg. New Bradwell to Stony Stratford. Through fares will also no longer be available. No change to Timetable.

Service 2

Arriva will now be operating the full Westcroft – Newport Pagnell route on Sundays, With extension to Renny Lodge. Revised Timetable

Service 7

Arriva will now be operating the full Wolverton – Bletchley route on Sundays, Revised Timetable

Such small things

photo (2)


Been suffering with Joint and muscle aches for months, 18 of them infact, No one was able to identify these pains and give it a name, So I carried on in near constant pain, Hurting to move, Hurting to sit still, Feeling tired n like shit all the time, Untill someone finallly did a blood test. This revealed that i had near non existant levels for Vitamin D. All I have to do now is take two teaspoons a day from this bottle each day… and after just two days the pain has all but gone 😀 Feels great to be able to move without having to prepare yourself for stabbing pain… It’s a “woo!” moment I feel !! 🙂

A strange type of day

It’s been a rather odd sort of day today.

It’s not every day you are asked to drive a film crew around town in a bus.

The gadget show came to MK to test Noise Cancelling Headphones, and what better was to do it than on a noisy bus!


The day was spent driving round the City Centre while they filmed various bits, Which even included a guy playing the bagpipes.


Never did I imagine one day that I’d be driving round in a bus with a man playing the bagpipes at full volume!!

Been a great day!

photo 3

Time for a “refresh”

I’ve started to notice that I’m getting more and more visitors looking for timetables for buses in Milton Keynes, Even though the MK Council and Arriva sites have them all available and rank much higher on google when searching.

At the moment, I just copy over the MKC page and link to that, I’m starting to wonder if it would be in my interest to tap into this generated traffic, Which then may in turn be worth a few quid with an advert or two. (I’m not talking about plastering the site with banner ads, and I certainly didn’t create this blog to make money, But something that covers the cost of hosting wouldn’t be too bad.)

This blog has always been about me and my job with a bit of Public Transport information thrown in alongside, I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a blog within a blog for the Information section, But don’t think I would have the time to keep it fresh and upto date.

Is there anyone out there that is ofay with WordPress that would be interested in helping with that side of things? Someone that could put up bus news etc?  Nothing confirmed yet, Just thinking out aloud really but would be interesting to see if there is any interest.