Service Changes from Sunday 23rd October 2011

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Changes to Arriva Milton Keynes bus services from 23rd October 2011


Service 1

Some Off Peak journeys to and from Lavendon will not serve Emberton and will use Drift Way in Olney. Some journeys will now terminate at Olney. Revised Timetable

Service 3

Sunday journeys will use Standing way between Kingston Centre and Monkston and will not serve Grove Way/Open University. Revised Timetable

Service 4

Journeys at School Opening & Closing times will divert from Two Mile Ash, Using Great Monks Street between TMA and Hodge Lea, and also Divert via Field Lane, Greenleys. Revised Timetable

Service 5/5A

Services will now Terminate at Wolverton Agora. It will no longer be possible to transfer between services, eg. New Bradwell to Stony Stratford. Through fares will also no longer be available. No change to Timetable.

Service 2

Arriva will now be operating the full Westcroft – Newport Pagnell route on Sundays, With extension to Renny Lodge. Revised Timetable

Service 7

Arriva will now be operating the full Wolverton – Bletchley route on Sundays, Revised Timetable

3 Responses to Service Changes from Sunday 23rd October 2011

  1. Also what is the point of the some 1’s not stopping at Emberton, must only add a few mins? Is there a stop on the main road that people can get off for the village?

    • Richard,
      Yes the 4 has now reduced to every 10 minutes between Bletchley-CMK and every 20 minutes onwards from CMK to Wolverton. This has released 2 buses from the PVR, But service 5/5A now need an extra bus as drivers coming off a Service 5A at Wolverton bring their bus back to the yard for changeover.

      The 1 was removed from Emberton off peak due to lack of passengers and to gain a vital few minutes to be used on the CMK-Bletchley section of the route that suffered very poor reliability. Also every other 1 terminates at Olney off peak.

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