Do I stay or do I go?

Well it’s all in the title.  For the last three months or so, i’ve been thinking about leaving Arriva, and going to work for the local bus company MK Metro (  This has been going on for three months because I can’t commit meself to one option of the other lol.  I love my job, but i don’t like the company I work for, I want to leave, but don’t want to leave me workmates. Another (important) factor is that currently I earn


Couldn’t manage to get to see busted with Lynne, wasn’t allowed the time off at work :(. 

Was talking to Jan about it a few weeks ago, turned out she had a spare ticket, and by luck it was also my early fininsh at work, so have been excitable for weeks lol.  And finally the day came yesterday (Monday).  What an excellent concert!!! Had a great time, thought they might be a bit ropey live, but they were spot on, excatly how they should sound.  Not too sure on the Support act, “V”, but i guess they were okay.  So glad I got to see them, none the less.  Took ages to get home, buy the time I got to Euston, I had missed the train by 5 minutes and had to wait for the last one at 0135, it only went as far as MK, but stopped at every station, all 17 of em! 🙁

Got home at 3am, but was worth it all :))