Account Update

Well following on from the last posting, I got a letter from Citibank today to say that My new Bank Account with them has been opened and a shiny new Visa DELTA card will be arriving in the post any day now 😀 Who would’ve thought a small square piece of plastic could bring so much joy. LOL

Sit Happy It's Taut

Well the Bank Account saga continues..

After all the song, dance and performance of opening an account with Yorkshire Bank, I’ve decided to ditch it. The card was fine, It felt great having a proper debit card again, But the internet banking.. Oh..My..God! It was poo! You couldn’t pay bills online, or even just send money to people, (I do that often as i’m just so nice), All you could basically do was look at your statement online, Which I found a bit pointless. So now i’ve gone back to using my halifax account for the time being with the Manky Electron card. Now as the train station don’t take electron for my weekly season ticket I’ve had to look at these Pre-Paid Cards again.


Well rather handily Splash Plastic have changed their card scheme. The charges are slightly different, You now just pay 99p a month instead of 15p per transaction, and the Card doesn’t look like it was designed for kids anymore which is a bonus if your using it in HMV of Tesco or buying petrol. 🙂

<<-Old “kiddie” card








<< New “Adult” card




Also the car has started to make funny clanky banging noises from the front passenger side wheel when going round the corners so more expense to fix that. 🙁

Talk Talk

Why on earth would a Phone company not advertise a Phone number to contact them on? Well thats what TalkTalk do! MADNESS!!

Well I’ve managed to scout out a number for them, So for anybody else struggling to find it, The number is 0870 444 1820

Bus Crash Update

Somebody asked me for a picture of the damage caused to the bus that crashed on Saturday (See earlier post), So here it is.


Damage to Bus that Crashed into Building in Harrow last Saturday


Looks like the the Pillar has “snapped” too so not quite sure what’s going to happen to it now.


Well Yesterday was as busy as I had feared because of the Metroline Strike, Lost of confused and anoyed member of the public taking it out on us.. One started having ago about me being on strike to which I replied “Does it look like i’m sitting here on Strike?!” Some people just don’t listen


Metroline buses all stacked up at Edgware Garage


Well I finally got round to fixing the Terramundi, and I think it looks okay.


Tomorrow at work is going to be interesting as one of the other bus operators, Metroline, are on strike and they run a bus route parallel to the 114 so I think it’s gonna be rather busy. 🙁

Had a letter from IVA people today asking for confirmation that I’m not paying into a pension. Not sure how i’m supposed to give them confirmation if i’m not paying into one. Also got to send them details of my new Pay rates as my pay has increased, But also evidence that my Travel to work costs have gone up. I’m hoping that this means eachother cancel themselves out and they won’t increase my payments.


Well I’m glad I had finished my duty half an hour before this all happened..


Haven’t found out what happened yet, But sources say that the driver was under the instruction of a supervisor who was guiding him round the Ambulance that was there for a previous incident. As you can imagine most of Harrow came to a standstill, So if anybody was waiting for a bus in the area, Now you know why it was late last Saturday Afternoon.

Weird Thinkings

When I’m at work I tend to think about bizarre things.

Last Friday while I was waiting for a Train to Golders Green to start my shift I was standing on the platform at Edgware, Right at the far end wondering where this tunnel goes. I know they started to build it for the proposed extension to Bushey years n years ago but it was mothballed. Just wondered how far the tunnel “went”..



Then, On Saturday and Sunday we had the Two minutes silence for the remembrance services, and afterwards I heard on the news about the queen being in attendence and started to think about her daily routine.



When she has an inportant engagement like that does she have to set her own alarm clock? Or does someone barge into her room n shout “C’mon Liz, Its time to get up, Get out of yer pit” ?

Waiting for a Star to Fall….

Lets set the scene, It was late last friday. The music was pumping, The drink was flowing, The crowds were screaming and me and my mate P Diddy were just arriving and we partied late into the night… Sounds cool huh? If only it was true! What actually happened was that My bus was held up from stopping at its stop because he was arriving in his flash car with his HUGE minders at a club called “Paper” on regent Street, (which is right outside the bus stop).. Well I got to see him at least, which is something I suppose. Not extactly what you xpect to see when at work.

But I guess I should get used to mingling with the stars seeing as i’m almost famous now. I’ve been on the main AOL chat page and even the AOL Welcome Screen/Home page just because of my expert, almost angel-Like singing 😀 My Agent (Dreamy) is bashing out a contract as we speak.

For anybody that’s interested here’s a sneek preview of the Oxford Street/Regent Street christmas lights being tested last night, that are being switched on this coming Thursday



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