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Well the Bank Account saga continues..

After all the song, dance and performance of opening an account with Yorkshire Bank, I’ve decided to ditch it. The card was fine, It felt great having a proper debit card again, But the internet banking.. Oh..My..God! It was poo! You couldn’t pay bills online, or even just send money to people, (I do that often as i’m just so nice), All you could basically do was look at your statement online, Which I found a bit pointless. So now i’ve gone back to using my halifax account for the time being with the Manky Electron card. Now as the train station don’t take electron for my weekly season ticket I’ve had to look at these Pre-Paid Cards again.


Well rather handily Splash Plastic have changed their card scheme. The charges are slightly different, You now just pay 99p a month instead of 15p per transaction, and the Card doesn’t look like it was designed for kids anymore which is a bonus if your using it in HMV of Tesco or buying petrol. 🙂

<<-Old “kiddie” card








<< New “Adult” card




Also the car has started to make funny clanky banging noises from the front passenger side wheel when going round the corners so more expense to fix that. 🙁

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