People of Milton Keynes…

….I need your help!!

I need people that are local to MK to let me know of ANY building projects going on within the Town that you know of please, For a new website I’m working on.

It can be anything from a new block of flats to the remodelling of a roundabout, I just need to know what it is and where.

You can either leave your replies as a comment to this post or email me directly.


Thanks everyone!!

Christmas Services in Milton Keynes

MK Metro will be running the following service over the next two weeks:


Normal service until 23rd December

Thursday 24th December – Normal service until around 1930.

Friday 25th December – No Service

Saturday 26th December – No service except for on route 300 and part routes 4 & 5

Service 4: Short running, Bletchley – Central Milton Keynes every hour from 0945 until 1645.

Central Milton Keynes – Bletchley Every hour from 1015 to 1715


Service 5: Short running, Lakes Estate – Central Milton Keynes every hour from 1011 until 1611

Central Milton Keynes – Lakes Estate every hour from 1040 until 1640


Service 300: Kingston – Central Milton Keynes, every hour from 0930 until 1630

Central Milton Keynes – Kingston, Every hour from 1009 until 1709

Sunday 27th Decenber – Sunday Service

Monday 28th December – Sunday Service

Tuesday 29th December – Saturday Service, except Route 43 & 300 which run as normal

Wednesday 30th December – Saturday Service, except Route 42 & 300 which run as normal

Thursday 31st December – Saturday Service, except Route 300 which runs as normal, Except all services will finish around 1930

Friday 1st January – Sunday Service, Except Route 50 will not be running

Sat 2nd January – Normal timetable

Wolverton Park… The most connected estate?!

Wolverton Park has to be, quite possibly, one of the most well connected estates in Milton Keynes for Public Transport, What with Wolverton Rail Station being right beside the development, and at least 7 bus routes passing nearby, You must be able to get to every part of MK. It’s one of the few places that has direct links to the Open University! If you need to get a quote from Ashburnham Insurance then this is the place to be!

Bus routes that pass by the estate on Stratford road:

Route 5 – New Bradwell – Bradville – Heelands – City & Rail Stn – Xscape – Oldbrook – Hospital – Mount Farm – Bletchley – Lakes Est

Route 7 – New Bradwell – Stantonbury – Linford Wood – Conniburrow – City & Rail Stn – Oldbrook – Coffee Hall – Hospital – Stadium:MK/ASDA/IKEA – Bletchley – Fenny Stratford/Newton Longville

Route 7A – New Bradwell – Great Linford – Neath Hill – City & Rail Stn – Shenley Lodge – Furzton – Beltchley

Route 33 – City & Rail Stn – Havensham – Castlethorpe – Hanslope – Northampton

Bus routes that start at Wolverton Agora, just a few minutes walk away:

Route 4/4A – Stony Stratford – Kiln Farm – Stacey Bushes(4A) – Heelands(4A) – Two Mile Ash(4) – Great Holm(4) – City & Rail Station – Springfield – Hospital – Whaddon Way – Bletchley

Route 6A – Greenleys – Blue Bridge – Bradville – Heelands – City & Rail Stn – Hospital – Furzton – Tattenhoe – Bletchley

Route 12 – Greenleys – Hodge Lea – Stacey Bushes – Bradwell – City & Rail Station – Willen Lake – Kents Hill – Open University – Caldecotte

If you are interested in Houses for sale Milton Keynes or Houses to rent in Milton Keynes then have a look at the Wolverton Park website at

Timetables for all these routes can be found on my blog at

"You can get a bus through there!"


This is the end of the School day at Two Mile Ash School, It’s always like this at half 3.

The cars on the left of the picture are actually parked, with the right hand side being the queue of traffic behind the bus.

As you can see, the bus in the picture is waiting to go, But cant because theres a load of parked cars infront of him and he can’t get past, and the same for me in my bus….. So we sat there for 15 minutes and had a chat lol.

Once he could finally go, some of the car’s pulled up along side of me and asked why i wasn’t moving as I was apparantly “blocking it all up”…. Clearly they can’t see the parked cars or the fact that the bus is around 30 odd foot long and can’t just nip between the gap. Lol @ some people, They really don’t have a clue!

If only we’d been sitting 100ft further down the road I could’ve jumped out the bus, and popped through the front door of me house for a sandwich lol.