Remembered your sock?

UVA Room

Three times a week I now have to stand in this thing.

We are now up to the dizzying heights of 23 seconds in length.

I’m starting to get slight “sunburn” now, So it might all have to stop….

Next stop – Cyclosporin But that comes with a whole new set oh side effects LOL.

Oh and the sock reference in the title, You have to wear one on you “delicate parts” to decrease risk of cancer in that area.

All Clear

6 hours at the Hospital yesterday 🙁 But good and bad news…

The thing cut out of my arm turned out to be clear, But now it’s summat else.

My weekly blood tests for the MTX treatment have shown up a problem with my Liver.

So now I am waiting for a Liver Biopsy, Which doesn’t sound in anyway painless or fun.

I am now also having light treatment three times a week as well as taking MTX… It’s causing havoc at work!


Anyway that’s enough about my failing body, DAF 0447, The recently refurbished-with-leather-seats bus, Is currently parked up in the “Scrap Corner” as it’s engine has died.. Dunno if it’s going to be replaced with a new engine or not yet.



Central MK Rail Station

My shift contained a couple of rounds on the 100 this evening. The route has a very slack running time, So you can easily be 8-10 minutes early at Milton Keynes Station.

Tonight I was 4 minutes early, All this sitting about waiting your time has not helped me. A couple of weeks ago I have a iffy looking freckle cut out of my arm, and tomorrow I find out what it was.

It’s being going round and round in my head today about what the result is going to be. I know I can’t do anything about it, But it doesn’t stop you worrying about it does it…

Still at least I’ve got the day off 😀