Back to square one



Been to the Hospital today for my Three-monthly review. Been given another new set of tablets to try, Cyclosporin, Which is another type of Immune System supressing medication. All the usual side effects, But this time instead of affecting the Liver (Like MTX did to me) this one goes for the Kidneys. Also have to keep an eye on my skin as it does give me a “Higher risk of Tumours or other malignancies, particularly of the skin”… Nice!!

Oh, and back to swapping shifts with people all over the place again, Gotta have blood tests and blood pressure checks every week and hospital reviews every fortnight. I’m thinking permanent lates might be the answer! :/

Just reach in and grab it

I really do wonder how some bus passengers manage to dress themselves and get out the front door on their own.

As you can clearly see there is a hole in this assault screen so you can reach in and get your Ticket…


Yet all afternoon I’ve been trying not to laugh as around 4 out of every 10 people have tried to put their hand through the plastic instead on the hole! LOL

Where you going??

This destination is for a non-english friends, Although I’m not too sure what language it could be classed as…



Got to drive a new bus today with only 180 miles on the clock, Typical though that I’m using in on Route 4 when It’s branded for Route 1 LOL, But me previous bus had a defect…. It had that new car smell about it 😀


There is no title

Quite possibly the most boring video you’ll find on Youtube, Bits of my Sunday glued together into one video.. and No, I didn’t win anything….



Now into my third week at MK Metro, and it’s my first week out on my own without a trainer…. All going fine I think.

I’m still missing the friendlyness of Aylesbury depot, I find Metro, and especially the Bus Station a bit intimidating, But since starting here I’ve noticed my Psoriasis has started to slowly clear up, Which proves my theory that working all those hours on the 200 for Arriva wasn’t doing my health any good.

The problem being of course that my skin was at it’s worst when I started at Metro. I did plan to try and at least get my hands clear with steroid cream, But it hasn’t happened. This hasn’t helped with getting to talk to people as I can see them staring at my skin which then puts me on the defensive. :/

Oh well, I’ve only been on me own for 2 days, So we’ll have to see how it goes, At the moment I’m 80% certain I made the right decision to transfer.

Another 5 second video now, This bus must hold the record for the most annoying indicator sound! LOL


Not alot to say really

I don’t really have much to write about at the moment, But I’m being nagged to put something new here, So I’m doing as I’m told.


It’s been 7 days since I started at MK Metro, I am still with an In-Service Trainer until Thursday, and then I’m hoping to still get my 4 day weekend off 😀

It all seems to be going okay, Hoping to find out which depot I’m gonna be based at tomorrow, and I only have one more route to learn, the 26E.

On Sunday just gone I went to the London Transport Museum’s Depot at Acton Town as they were having an open weekend.

While I was there I spotted this…



Here we have a Museum piece, Donated by Arriva London, While up here in Milton Keynes, Metro have two of these in service! LOL


Aylesbury have got two of there 13 new vehicles, One has been out on the roads of Princes Risborough to see if it will fit on the 300’s

IMG 0308


IMG 0298