There is no title

Quite possibly the most boring video you’ll find on Youtube, Bits of my Sunday glued together into one video.. and No, I didn’t win anything….



Now into my third week at MK Metro, and it’s my first week out on my own without a trainer…. All going fine I think.

I’m still missing the friendlyness of Aylesbury depot, I find Metro, and especially the Bus Station a bit intimidating, But since starting here I’ve noticed my Psoriasis has started to slowly clear up, Which proves my theory that working all those hours on the 200 for Arriva wasn’t doing my health any good.

The problem being of course that my skin was at it’s worst when I started at Metro. I did plan to try and at least get my hands clear with steroid cream, But it hasn’t happened. This hasn’t helped with getting to talk to people as I can see them staring at my skin which then puts me on the defensive. :/

Oh well, I’ve only been on me own for 2 days, So we’ll have to see how it goes, At the moment I’m 80% certain I made the right decision to transfer.

Another 5 second video now, This bus must hold the record for the most annoying indicator sound! LOL


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