Well Blackpool came and went, and I did manage to get there!  Had a great time and was good to see old and new faces alike.   Had my usual post-bash downer for a few days, but that can wait for another post lol.  

  I feel a bigish posting coming on tomorrow or wednesday as alots been happening these past few days, and not had time to update this thing… Will Keep you posted.

(Picture is of Karen’s Gammy knee, a by-product of Blackpool Weekend, More details later..)

Woo! Who would've believed it!

Well who would have thought it, but I found a letter in my work locker this afternoon, inviting me along to a second interview at work for this Duty Manager position that i’ve been bleeting on about. :o))  Most impressed!! And haven’t got that long to panic about it as it’s tomorrow afternoon. LOL

This Theme tune is driving me nuts!!  Can’t stop listening to it, I’m sure i’ve got a Lumminous Jump Suit fettish or summat LOL…

Mr Bumped into Man update: Tried to ring me this evening but i was driving a bus, no message left and tried to ring him back, no answer.

The Bloody Cheek of it!

Well as many people will know, I had a interview at work for a Duty Manager position.  As part of the interview I had to do a Presentation on what I would change in the Managers office if i got the job.  Well the management have used my ideas all to there own credit 🙁  Not Impressed!!!!

Car Update….

Still no call from ‘bumped into’ man….

The Saga goes on

Well i’m still waiting for this guy who i had the accident with to ring back, Said he would ring wednesday afternoon, friday now and nothing.  So gawd knows whats going on :o(

Also bit unhappy as this is me last day of holiday as im on London Underground rail replacement over the weekend.  Still, got next friday to look forward to when i’m off to a bracing blackpool for the weekend.

Crash… Bang… Wallop!

Had to drive back from Harlow Yesterday for a Interview at work, I am applying to be a Trainee Duty Manager, Next step up from Bus Driver.  What’s annoyed me is that it was arranged for it to be right in the middle of my holiday! So I braved the M25 yesterday, arrived with plenty of time.  Think it went quite well, I was pleased with it anyway! LOL.

But just as I left, approching a roundabout, my car skid on a load of mud on the road, and straight into the back of a car.  Luckily for me, My car came away with just two minute scratches on the bumper, you’d never know it had happened!!  And the other guy had a small crack in his bumper.  What the problem is, is that he was VERY hasty to get on his way, we exchanged details, he said it was his boss’s car, and that it might be an idea to do it out of insurance.  Well he rang today, the driver that is not the car owner and has now said that the Foor in the boot has all bent up.  I find this hard to believe, because i’m sure that my car would have come off worse off than it did.  Whats annoyed me more is the fact that he went to my place of work today, asked for me, was told i’m on holiday to which he replied, “Oh ok, was just checking he worked here”!!!  What the fuck has it got to do with him where I work?!?!?!?!? GRRRR just annoyed me, they have my name, address and phone number, I think that’s enough!  Well anyway, I’m waiting for him to ring back with this quote and then i;m gonna tell him im doing it through the Insurance Company as i’m almost certain he wasn’t insured to drive it.


Viva Arriva!

Work are being a pain about my Psoriasis, Have had a letter from my consultant, saying that I need to be moved off of my current shift patten onto something a bit easier for me to be applying cream during the day. 

  This Letter arrived with them three weeks ago, yet noone has even told me it has arrived 🙁

Picture is of one of my work friends, Steve taken unawares by my phone cam <g>