You’d think that if you got on a bus with a ticket machine all taped up like that, You’d quite rightly assume that the machine isn’t working, and when you’re told by the driver to “just take a seat” you wouldn’t just stand there blankly staring at said driver like a lemon, to only be told a further two times to “just take a seat, The machine isn’t working”, Thus the bus wouldn’t be held up for an extra couple of minutes

…If only the world worked that way.

I'm in the mood for ranting

Brace yourselves as I’m in the mood for a rant!

Wednesday morning started with no trains from MK, Which meant the Rail and Bus station were awash with coaches, Why they allowed so many into the Station square at once is beyond me, They were everywhere! None of the buses could get onto the stops, and at one point, it took me 13 minutes to drive round the station instead of the usual 2.





Pull up to the stop on a number 8

“Is the 20 coming?”

<shrug shoulders> “No idea I’m driving an 8”

“Oh, I know”

“Then why ask me?”

“Just thought you’d know where the other buses are?”

“Nope! Perhaps they are hiding from you?! Bye!!”

“err Bye”

People must think you know where every single bus is at every minute of the day, I does make you think how their brains work.


How about a bus wiith some enforced Air Con?

Well that’s what you get with the cab window falls out as yer going down the road.

Luckily I managed to save the window, Hoping to earn some brownie points


But it didn’t work as once I’d dropped the last of my passengers off and got back to the depot, The replacement bus I was given was colder than having no window lol.

Quiz Time #6

Put put your hand out for the bus…

The bus pulls up…

The doors open and you get on….

This is what you see… (You’ll just have to pretend there’s a driver there! lol)


What’s the first thing you’d say to the driver? (keep it clean! :-))