Waiting for a Star to Fall….

Lets set the scene, It was late last friday. The music was pumping, The drink was flowing, The crowds were screaming and me and my mate P Diddy were just arriving and we partied late into the night… Sounds cool huh? If only it was true! What actually happened was that My bus was held up from stopping at its stop because he was arriving in his flash car with his HUGE minders at a club called “Paper” on regent Street, (which is right outside the bus stop).. Well I got to see him at least, which is something I suppose. Not extactly what you xpect to see when at work.

But I guess I should get used to mingling with the stars seeing as i’m almost famous now. I’ve been on the main AOL chat page and even the AOL Welcome Screen/Home page just because of my expert, almost angel-Like singing 😀 My Agent (Dreamy) is bashing out a contract as we speak.

For anybody that’s interested here’s a sneek preview of the Oxford Street/Regent Street christmas lights being tested last night, that are being switched on this coming Thursday



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