Time for a “refresh”

I’ve started to notice that I’m getting more and more visitors looking for timetables for buses in Milton Keynes, Even though the MK Council and Arriva sites have them all available and rank much higher on google when searching.

At the moment, I just copy over the MKC page and link to that, I’m starting to wonder if it would be in my interest to tap into this generated traffic, Which then may in turn be worth a few quid with an advert or two. (I’m not talking about plastering the site with banner ads, and I certainly didn’t create this blog to make money, But something that covers the cost of hosting wouldn’t be too bad.)

This blog has always been about me and my job with a bit of Public Transport information thrown in alongside, I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a blog within a blog for the Information section, But don’t think I would have the time to keep it fresh and upto date.

Is there anyone out there that is ofay with WordPress that would be interested in helping with that side of things? Someone that could put up bus news etc?  Nothing confirmed yet, Just thinking out aloud really but would be interesting to see if there is any interest.


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  1. One thing that occurred to me (not so much the blog) is that the company would benefit from using Twitter to log service problems officially – just as London Midland do (say). It’s a good way to spread information and it’s free other than your ops controller typing it in, and for those without Twitter on their phone it could be linked from the company website.

    Something to pass on as a suggestion?

  2. Shame. I’ve just posted a discussion of the same thing on the Omnibuses blog, FWIW.

    The way London Midland uses it (it does admittedly help that it’s considered important enough for one of their senior managers to monitor it directly from his smartphone) is superb. And it doesn’t cost anything, barring 30 seconds for the ops controller to type “7s being delayed because of an accident on the Portway, expect 10-15 minute delays” or something. And because it’s human information, not just a generated expected time, people will believe it.

    Anyway, I guess I’m preaching to the choir…

    • There is an unofficial one that I’ve been running @mkbuses that you can follow.. But it only works during my working hours 🙁

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