I walked into work this morning to find this notice pinned up in various places….


This has come out of the blue for most staff at Aylesbury as I don’t think anyone knew that the Union was even at a debate, or even discussing stuff with ARRIVA. I can only assume that our Union Rep hasn’t told us anything.

I heard about a Union Meeting that was being held last night at MK Metro, and via the grapvine, have heard that the three of us from Aylesbury working over there aren’t welcome (By the union and/or some drivers). Some seem to be taking it to a personal level by ignoring us which seems a bit petty, We are only doing what is asked of us! We know you don’t like ARRIVA, and to be honest I’m not a great fan myself, But there’s no need to take it out on us personally. Perhaps I was a bit too hasty last week to think the staff had changed there… Looks like the transfer could be on hold! 🙁

Also heard a rumour today that the full ARRIVA’ing of Metro is not too far away.

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