I've been tempted….

I’ve been working at MK Metro for the MKMetro-26-MattCooperpast four days. Mainly to learn a few routes that we are going to be running with their vehicles but from our garage, But I’ve also found myself doing a few duties for them.

One thing I’ve found out this week is that my long term memory is pretty good as I’ve done all these route just from remembering when I was there three years previous…..

….and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it!!

Now I’m contemplating transferring over to them.. Not sure yet, It’s nothing but an idea yet. I’ve got this duty to do for a few months which will have me having my breaks at MK Bus Station so will have to see if the people are any friendler than they were in 2005.

Theres two things I’ve liked the most about working there, Being home within 5 minutes of finishing work and driving nice, comfortable, newish buses compared to our skips on wheels at Aylesbury.

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  1. Jesus, never thought i`d hear praise for our buses. I dread to think what your all driving at aylesbury. (tho if L200 BUS is anything to go by i see you point).

  2. Well I’m back at Aylesbury from tomorrow, But I’m going to be driving a MK Metro bus on a MK Metro Duty on a MK Metro Route… But with me and the (metro) bus starting and finishing each day at Aylesbury depot. I have no idea why they are doing this.

  3. nothing is a suprise anymore with arriva. Surely this is a waste of money for them? What duty/routes you doing?

  4. Well I’m not 100% sure, But it’s a School Run from Buckingham to Mursley, 24’s to Beford, 200’s and some of the C1. A couple of your darts and 3119 have been transferred to Aylesbury for the duration.
    There’s 3 of us doing these duties.

  5. ah rural, i though i`d killed 3119 last week, looks like its made a recovery. lol, stick it through the gears it goes alright. Sounds like a tidy duty, ill kepp an eye out for you


  6. I need to re-name you Yo-Yo….next you’ll be telling me you’re changing phone contracts again…………..

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