Route 321 – vanished! (For now)

Well this afternoon has been interesting.
With almost no notice, Meridian Bus seem to have suspended their 5 day old route 321!

No explanation given so far, and their website has no mention of the route at all. Rumours on Facebook range from a engineer that’s phoned in sick to the Redline service 21 not charging fares for this week.

MK Council are advising passengers on the City Centre to Olney section to catch the 21. Passengers for the Buckingham end of the route I’d suggest either the X5 or 32.

3 Responses to Route 321 – vanished! (For now)

  1. I googled Meridian bus earlier, and their website indicates that 321 is currently running Sundays only to a reduced timetable and only between MK and Olney. Reason given is anti-competitive actions by Redline who are/were charging no fares on their parallel 21

    • Yeah, I saw that… What I don’t understand is why they’ve chopped off the CMK to Steeple Claydon bit of the route completely as that bit wasn’t under any new competition.

  2. any news yet as to when, if at all, the 321 weekday service will re start. The Local council are a bit tight lipped about the situation. Meridian said oap bus passes would be accepted.

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