MK Star Network – MK Metro Service Changes

These are the following changes I have at the moment, I will update when I have more info..


From 25th April:

Service 1, 1B, 1C:

Service cancelled and replaced with to service 1/1B and 1A/1C Newton Longville to Newport Pagnell and Cranfield along the current Service 7 route Bletchley – CMK

New service 1A/1C – Newport Pagnell – Bedford


Service 2:

This service is to now run direct along Brickhill Street and miss out Bolbeck Park & Giffard Park


Service 3:

New service running along the current service 6 Bradville – CMK then running to Woburn Sands via Brickhill Street/Monkston Park/Kingston


Service 4/4A:

Service 4 will now run current route from Bletchley as far as Two Mile Ash and Service 4A will run current route Bletchley-CMK and then follow current 29/39 route to Crownhill and Shenley Church End, with the following frequencies:

Bletchley – CMK, Every 7-8 minutes with route 4 extension to Two Mile Ash every 15 minutes and route 4A extension to Shenley every 30 minutes

The current service 4/4A to Wolverton is Withdrawn


Service 5/5A:

Service 5/5A will run as normal from Lakes Estate to Heelands then will run in alternate directions around Stacey Bushes-Fullers Slade-Stony Stratford-Wolverton-New Bradwell-Bradville loop replacing the current 4A routings.


Service 6:

Service Withdrawn



Service 7:

New route 7 will run every 30 minutes along the current route 7 from Wolverton – CMK and then will run the current 7A route to Bletchley, With alternate buses branching off at Furzton to cover service 6 to Bletchley (possibly numbered 7A, waiting confirmation)


Service 8/8A

Route 8 to follow current route, Only alternate buses to travel to Bletchley with the other doing the current 20/20A “loop” around Walnut Tree/Browns Wood/Old Farm Park


Route 12:

Service Withdrawn


Route 13:

Service Withdrawn


Route 16:

Service Withdrawn


Route 20/20A:

Service Withdrawn


Route 25:

Service Withdrawn


Route 26:

Service Withdrawn


Route 29/39:

Service Withdrawn


Route 51:

New route to replace the Winslow journeys on the current route 7

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