MK Star Network – MK Metro Service Changes

These are the following changes I have at the moment, I will update when I have more info..


From 25th April:

Service 1, 1B, 1C:

Service cancelled and replaced with to service 1/1B and 1A/1C Newton Longville to Newport Pagnell and Cranfield along the current Service 7 route Bletchley – CMK

New service 1A/1C – Newport Pagnell – Bedford


Service 2:

This service is to now run direct along Brickhill Street and miss out Bolbeck Park & Giffard Park


Service 3:

New service running along the current service 6 Bradville – CMK then running to Woburn Sands via Brickhill Street/Monkston Park/Kingston


Service 4/4A:

Service 4 will now run current route from Bletchley as far as Two Mile Ash and Service 4A will run current route Bletchley-CMK and then follow current 29/39 route to Crownhill and Shenley Church End, with the following frequencies:

Bletchley – CMK, Every 7-8 minutes with route 4 extension to Two Mile Ash every 15 minutes and route 4A extension to Shenley every 30 minutes

The current service 4/4A to Wolverton is Withdrawn


Service 5/5A:

Service 5/5A will run as normal from Lakes Estate to Heelands then will run in alternate directions around Stacey Bushes-Fullers Slade-Stony Stratford-Wolverton-New Bradwell-Bradville loop replacing the current 4A routings.


Service 6:

Service Withdrawn



Service 7:

New route 7 will run every 30 minutes along the current route 7 from Wolverton – CMK and then will run the current 7A route to Bletchley, With alternate buses branching off at Furzton to cover service 6 to Bletchley (possibly numbered 7A, waiting confirmation)


Service 8/8A

Route 8 to follow current route, Only alternate buses to travel to Bletchley with the other doing the current 20/20A “loop” around Walnut Tree/Browns Wood/Old Farm Park


Route 12:

Service Withdrawn


Route 13:

Service Withdrawn


Route 16:

Service Withdrawn


Route 20/20A:

Service Withdrawn


Route 25:

Service Withdrawn


Route 26:

Service Withdrawn


Route 29/39:

Service Withdrawn


Route 51:

New route to replace the Winslow journeys on the current route 7

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  1. I wonder what bus service will serve Hospital (29,6). Also the OU (20,12)???
    Coffee Hall (7), Fishermead (29,39), Great Linford (7A), Tattenhoe (20)

    Shame about 16’s and 26’s ;o)

    Any truth in the rumour about no more ‘shuttles’ for drivers (Service 5 running every 6mins and going along wolverton road)?

  2. Following MK Council publication of details of the changes there have been many complaints from councillors and the parish and town councils about gaps in services caused by the changes. The most common complaint is lack of buses to the hospital caused by Arriva’s withdrawal of presently commercial routes 6, 20 and 29. MK Council have to plug the gaps with tendered service which they subsidise. Their latest information is:

    Routes 24 and 25. 24 an hourly circular service anti-clockwise from Newport Pagnell via Marsh Drive, Marlborough St – Conniburrow – CMK – Loughton – Westcroft – Tattenhoe – Severn Way – Bletchley – Saxon St – Hospital – OU – Broughton -New Coachway – Newport Pagnell. The 25 is the reverse, clockwise, also hourly.

    Route 23 Stantonbury Park Farm – St Leger Drive – Marlborough Street – Conniburrow – CMK – Bradwell Common circle. Hourly.

    Route 29 (not 28) revised to CMK – Harrier Drive – Hospital – Furzton (Favell Drive) – Whalley Drive – Bletchley.

    I don’t know who the successful operators of these routes will be.

    The 18 is revised to incorpoate the Bletchley – Woburn Sands part of the withdrawn 11.

    Arrival routes X9, 14, 30/31, 32, 33, 42, 43, 70, 100, 150, 300 will not change.

    As to commercial routes, I undertand the quarter-hourly 4 to Two Mile Ash will leave Great Holm by turning right into Dansteed Way then go vis Gt Monks Street and Clay Hill to The High Street terminus in a one-way loop

    I understand that the registration for the 7 is from Wolverton to go to Greenlays alternately via Stratford Road and Windsor Street. Between Wolverton and CMK it will take the 7 route to Marlborough Street (Gt Linford Local Centre) and then the 7A routeing via St Leger Drive, Overstreet and Campbell Park, which is why MK Council is introducing the 23 to fill the gaps left.

  3. Interesting… Where would the 7A branch off? I reckon turning left before Shenley Lodge to run the whole 6 route would be logical, else South Furzton would end up unserved. That way you’d also avoid the long-standing issue of the right turn out of South Furzton that always causes delays on the 6.

    Also, if I read things right, it leaves the Open University unserved? Has their own tendered shuttle bus taken all the traffic off the mainstream network, I wonder?

  4. I’m hoping to write a new post with all the updated info with the additional council supported routes that have been announced to fill the gap at some point today.

  5. It does seem like service cuts for quite a few estates (Conniburrow, Great Linford) on first glance. Gifford Park getting no service anymore. Although might be able to get a real feel for it once ALL timetables for the entire MK area have been published.

    Also what happen to the evening services on route 2 in the evening. Will there still be the seperate 2E?

    • The 2E is still running, But will just be service 2. The service is still split in the evenings, Run by two operators.

  6. The timetables don’t seem to show any of the tendered services. While some are being removed, others will stay in another form, though are more likely to follow these “daytime” routes than the old ones. In particular 3E (“Western Wanderer”? 🙂 ) and 26E are going in favour of hourly services on 4A/7(A) if I read things right.

    • Thats right, The 3E has gone, with the Westcroft end being covered by short Westcroft-CMK workings on the 8, and 4A’s running to Shenley Church End.

      Don’t quite know why the council haven’t published their timetables yet.

  7. Probably because the Council don’t normally publish their timetables until about a week before the service change. Why this is is anyone’s guess – but the service changes for non MK Metro services have not yet been registered with the Traffic Commissioner.

  8. This is the routes with which Operator is doing what?. From what i can make out:

    1/1B/1C Arriva
    2 Arriva
    3 Arriva
    4/4A Arriva
    5/5A Arriva
    7/7A Arriva
    8/8A Arriva
    14 Arriva
    17 Z&S
    18 Red Rose Travel
    20 Z&S
    23 Grant Palmer
    24 Z&S/Vale Travel
    25 Arriva
    29 Red Rose
    30 Arriva
    31 Arriva
    32 Arriva
    33 Arriva
    42 Arriva
    43 Arriva
    44/44A On a Mission
    300 Arriva
    639 Arriva
    X9 Arriva
    X34 Grant Palmer

    All Route E Services gone.

  9. I note that the 3E hotch-potch of operators has transferred onto the 7 according to Traveline (not 7A, which means that South Tattenhoe appears to have no evening or Sunday service). This is half-hourly, which is nice, but goes back to the pre-2004ish situation of a very early last bus (around 2130 from CMK) which isn’t. There’s also (unless someone else is to operate it but hasn’t registered it yet) an hour-long gap in the half-hourly service at around 2000, which is rather silly.

  10. I must admit I find this:-

    24 Z&S/Vale Travel
    25 Arriva

    quite amusing – as they’re the same service in opposite directions. Which will make a mess of ticketing, as Council non-Arriva services tend to accept Arriva tickets, but Arriva generally will not accept other operators’ tickets. Unless (we can but hope) there will be a change here as both services are tendered.

  11. Actually, the Council version is up and there is no gap in the evening 7s, so this must be an error. Last bus from CMK is 2148, which is not *that* bad though it’s a shame the 2248 doesn’t run through.

    Overall an improvement for Furzton, though, I’d say.

  12. Your right about about the 24/25, doesn’t make sense. At the moment we haven’t been told to start taking tickets from other companys, can’t see it happening. From what i can see, the bit of Fuzton nearest the bowl (current service 6 blackmore gate off watling street) won’t have any buses going though it.

  13. Night & Weekend Service:

    1 Arriva
    2 Arriva/Red Line
    3 Arriva
    4/4A Arriva
    5/5A Arriva
    7/7A Arriva/Red Rose/Z&S
    8 Arriva
    8A Z&S
    300 Arriva

    All Route E Services gone.

  14. Actually, Blackmoor Gate won’t get the 29 – nothing at all will serve South Furzton Shops. The 29 runs a one way loop only serving Favell Drive…

  15. I use the 6/6a; 16, 26e, it looks as if I cannot get a bus service after the 25th April to coffee hall, fishermead or springhill, at all ,day or evening or saturday or sunday. I might live in emerson valley, but at 74 have always enjoyed my independane – now it seems i do not exist, only car users or fare paying passengers matter. It seems travelling at 6.30am , or after 6.30pm weekdays and weekends,does not matter ‘ retired do not always stay at home, and have to do voluntary duties early in the morning, and late in the eveings. It also seems the 16, 26e does not exist and has not been replac ed. I don’t intend to stay at home in the evenings, but where can I walk to to get a bus. All arriva seem to want to do is run at a profit, not as a service to the public. There has been no information available – ewven bus drivers won’t know their schedules until today 16th April; 2010?

  16. Meganpritchard: You will have to get the 24/25 to the Hospital (or change eariler at Blecthley) and then get the 1/1B (goes into coffeehall) or 5/5A (goes past on saxon street).
    Regarding the rest, best thing to do is complain to arriva customer services, if they don’t know, nothing will change.
    Some information was made available a few weeks ago on arrivabus website and everything inc maps came on the council website last weekend.
    You must remember Arriva is a PLC and yes are out to make money

  17. i wonder what i will do now since the 13 has been withdrawn we take the 13 every morning from marlborough round to eagle stone roundabout,we had two option every morning now with this new service 3 it does not go through that route any more.i taught the 3 was suppose to replace the marlborough we had the oppotunity of getting a bus four times in the hour but now we are limited to just one at 6.39 am if u miss the bus i guess u have to take a taxi.the 13 comes twice early morning.6.21 and 6.51 but now we would get the 3 which starts at 6.39.

  18. The 3 was never to replace the whole of the 13 Route only part of it, this is the case for the 6 Route also. You can also get the 7/7A at Marlborough RB at 06.01, 06.26, 06.39 & 06.37 to CMK and then change to bus 5 which will be running around every 10mins to Eaglestone RB. Hope this helps.

  19. the comfort of the 13 is beyond all doubt.changing buses in the early morning having to push a my baby in the chair i dont think is the best option for me.6.21 is the time for the 13 now i hv to wait an extra 12min for this new 3 to start how do u expert me to make it eagle 25 mins as the 13 does every morning.i need to be at eagle stone 6.45.i guess i hv to stop relieing on the bus for now.

  20. The only thing i can think of is to get the 7 at 06.01 (a bit earlier then before) to cmk arrive at 06.12. Change to a 4 at Stop E at 06.17. You should be able to get to eaglestone rb for around 06.26. Hope this helps.


  22. The new bus times are awful! I wait for the number 8 at 8am every weekday, sine the new time have been put in place it is always 20minitues late! Why is this? This is stupid

  23. Didn’t know the 13 ran on a Saturday. But I suppose it’s an unwelcome welcome (!) to the first bus times the rest of MK get on a Saturday, which are really a bit late on. Take it up with the Council as the 13s were a subsidised route.

  24. who ar you anyway if u do not know the 13 runs on saturday.b4 u did these chenges u did not check which buses ar running and what time they do run frm.u did this changes for ur own selfish need without considering the users of the service.since this changes the buses do not turn up or ar soo late that we get 3 same service no for example 7 and 7a and another 7 on the road going the same direction. we hv to sometime wait 40 mins for a bus to turn up.x

    • Abigail, I feel you need to change your tone! If you look to the top left of every page on this site you will see that it states that this site is in no way connected with Arriva or MK Metro.

      Neil does not work for Arriva, or as far as I’m aware, any bus company full stop.

      If you are looking to complain about the service changes then you can contact Arriva by using the details provided on the official website at

  25. No, I indeed don’t work for any bus company, or indeed in the transport industry at all! Though I know a few people who do (though not any Arriva/Metro management). I’m a bus user in MK and public transport advocate myself with a fair interest in the industry and its operations, know a fair bit about the network and have some of my own ideas about how it should work – but I don’t know everything!

  26. MK Council is consulting with councillors and parish councils about proposed changes to bus services in August. The proposals are:

    Services 5 & 5A: 5 to be routed back to Manor Road with the 5A to remain on the present route.

    Service 7 & 7A: 7A not to serve Windsor Street, Wolverton, but to follow same route as 7 between Greenleys and Wolverton. So only the 43 would serve Windsor Street. 7/7A retimed in the south to improve reliability.

    Service 8: propose to remove from Pondgate, Kents Hill and reroute via Tunbridge Grove.

    Service 14: propose to reroute via Two Mile Ash and Great Holm, instead of the A5, to restore a service between those estates and Stony Stratford.

    Contract services 24 / 25: Reroute via Northcroft, Shenley Lodge to restore a service between Putnam House and Westcroft Centre.

    Contract service 29: Revised timetable to improve reliability.

  27. i wonder what can be done about our weekend services they start tooo late in the at marlbough roundabt.hope the 7/7a will still be serving us.

  28. I have heard rumours that the 4/4a and 5/5A timetables will be changing. I can only hope that they restore the service to Kiln Farm that was in place for the 10 years prior to the big screw up. What is the point of the current 4/4A service beyond the station? With the demise of the 44/44A service there should be a 10 minute interval on service to and from Stony Stratford.

    • Fuzzy: the 4/4A route is unchanged, the 14 is now going through Great Holm and Two Mile Ash on it’s way to Stony Stratford

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