Is this the start of the change?

Two of the Five hire buses arrived at the depot this week for some new cross town route we’re starting in a week..







Notice the company name on the side!…No sign of MK METRO… Is this the start of us being “Arriva’tised”?!


(Pictures by Professional Matt)

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  1. What do you mean by Hire Buses.
    How long has Arriva had MK Metro if its 5 years then I expect thats when MK Metro will Go

  2. David: Well I mean Hire Buses in the sense that they’ve been..erm… Hired! LOL

    Les Ayl: As long as it donesn’t mean they start transferring you miserable Arriva drivers as well, it’ll be okay 😉

  3. I know this route has been funded from outside but it doesn’t strike me there will be that many passengers. Very similar as the 8 for most of the way. Nice buses though, I am sure they will end up on all sorts of routes, maybe even the old favourite 200 just for you James. What is happening with the 200 anyway, surely it could have been combined with this new route?

  4. Richard: It does depend if the workers at the new John Lewis warehouse use it i suppose. The 200 is going at the end of the week, along with the 22. They are both being merged into a couple of new routes.

  5. Who is this 300 service aimed at? Doesn’t go through Broughton. Who is going to use this? Buses every 20 minutes as well! Makes use of the new bus lane anyway. Look forward to seeing the new vehicles on the 1b to Northampton.

  6. what makes a frequency “messy”? Cake making is “messy”, face painting is “messy”, but not a bus frequency surely?

  7. Art: Well supposedly the workers at Magna Park, and I guess the new houses at Magna Park. When the new coachway opens it will also call in there.

  8. Richard: LOL, Not sure they will appear on other routes… We ain’t even allowed to drive them at the moment, Unless you’re a “300 driver”… I’m sure that will change the day they are short of buses.

    The 200 is going this Saturday, The section from City Centre to Willen Lake is going to be covered by new Route 12

  9. What I want to know is there going to be a farewell ceremony for the 200 on Saturday and it’s number 1 driver?

    It does make you laugh that the 300 is this new service with new shiney buses that goes through nowhere at the moment every 20 minutes. Route 9 goes through a lot of built up areas, has a silly frequency and clapped out buses a lot of the time.

  10. We have some of those in our garage. They’re nice…except that they switch themselves off after 5 minutes if you leave them idling, which is quite annoying.

  11. Richard: LOL No there isn’t…. Mainly because I’ve swapped shifts so I can drive the 22, My fave route, on it’s last day…. Yes I know I’m sad!

  12. Neil: Seems to only be in the peaks that it’s a 35 min frequency, Normal every 30 mins during the day and all day Saturday… It still has 3 buses running the service during the off peak from what I can see on the timetable, But because it will now not turn into a 15/16 there is a 24 minute strand time at Bletchley.

  13. Tom: Ah, Just like our new Solo’s then. You have to switch everything off to get them to restart. Not that that’s going to be a problem for me on the 300, As it’s being run by a seperate team of drivers on their own rota.

  14. Richard: It’s because it’s being paid for by planning gain (well, the “Milton Keynes Tariff” which is largely the same thing). There’s no new housing on the route of the 9, so the 9 gets neglected. One option for it might be to join it onto the 7A, though – or is there anything half-hourly from the Theatre end that would fit? (The problem with it is that it’s 31 minutes end-to-end, and there aren’t really any ways to shorten it that wouldn’t make it pointless).

    James: I guess it is a genuine “Arriva” operation, then, and not Metro?

  15. Neil: Hmmm it’s all a bit odd with the “Arriva-ness” of the 300 Neil.

    It’s being run by MK Metro, Using MK Metro drivers (admittedly there are some Arriva drivers from other garages helping out on it for the time being), It has Arriva printed Timetables and appears on the Arriva Bus website (None of the Metro routes are on that site), Yet it is issuing Metro tickets, Accepts Metro Weekly/Monthly passes, and as far as I’m aware, does NOT accept Arriva Zone Cards…… All very strange!

  16. This weekend I realised there is a chance I might use the 300 occasionally as it passes my girlfriend’s sisters new house at Broughton Gate. When I was in MK on Sunday I did see a few passengers using it.

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