Friday = Write off

What a day Friday was, I managed to break down three times in one day, Not very productive!

First time was in the most awkward place I could, Blocking the road for the other buses in the City Centre. Me and another driver managed to get a one way traffic flow going. Then two hours later the same bus breaks down again and it’s finally decided after two fitters have looked at it that it will be towed back to Aylesbury…


For some reason, When you break down you seem to attract the more ‘interesting’ members of society. One woman was standing on the pavement constantly saying “Poor Bus.. Poor Bus” and another, Who I can only imagine, By the way she was dressed, was taking a few minutes break from her street corner, Who kept shouting “I Hate this country!”.

I couldn’t wait to actually get in the tow truck cab and move away lol.

Towed back to Aylesbury, Given a replacement bus, Get back to MK and then this bus broke down, Some belt went to shreds or something…. Basically managed to do no service work after 10:30am. Nice way to ease yourself into the weekend I suppose.

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