The Weekend

Well what a day….

Had a fantastic response to my journal, thanks to you all.  Nice to know you are all out there!!


Been to Karen’s today (My best friend who i would have never of met without AOL! Picture to Follow)In Harlow,Nice town, would like to live there one day when I have the money, Do worry a bit about moving there though, as i don’t know anyone I think i’d rely on Karen a bit too much and spoil our friendship.  Been looking at flats online while I was down there, can’t understand why property is so cheap there considering it’s like 20 minutes to London.  Bizarre!!


Also been talking about our Holiday.  We’re off to Florida in September and we are like excited children already LOL.  Can’t wait..  This is also another reason for the diet.  Also gotta start saving :o(  not sure where the spending money is gonna come from, but at least I have the money already to pay for the actual Holiday.  A grand total of 23 of us going! Mostly Karen’s family which I luckily know.  I do feel like i’m really part of the family! All so friendly. :o)


Well that’s enough for today I think, it’s 11:45pm and i’ve gotta be up for work at 4am tomorrow (groan).


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