Hmmm well as you might have noticed, it’s Monday :o(

After my weekend ona “High” its time to come crashing to the ground and back to reailty lol.  Had a really shite day at work today, Buses all over the place because of some roadworks on a roundabout in the town centre.  Now don’t get me wrong.. doesnt bother me taking over a bus late, were all late once in a while, and we all know its not done on purpose (even if that’s what the public think!).  But what does annoy me is when you are running late and the bus behind catches you up, but won’t overtake you, meaning that they can poodle around with a nice empty bus while i’m doing all the work, bus full to bursting at all times, getting the abuse from passengers etc etc.  And I think the worse part, is that you are stuck in that poxy tin can on wheels and cant contact anybody at the depot/bus station to report whats going on because we have no radios, and I had no credit on me mobile… Not that i think i should HAVE to use my own mobile on company business. GRRRRRRRR  just a wind up day today, plus it was a long none at 13 hours!!  Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will be better, got 4 hours of driving around the town, but at least the afternoon bit is a trip to Watford out of the way :o)  Well time for a bath then bed.

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