Catch up!

Well haven’t had time to update of late.. been far too busy, so now for a catch-up.


Wednesday was my day off, and I came into a bit of money, so went on a little shopping trip.  I know i should be paying of my debts, but I needed cheering up, and at least it wasn’t on the Credit Card. :o)    So I got meself a new DAB digital radio for me room (old one broke) and one for the car, which is being fitted Thursday, so i’m all excited lol.


Thrusday… Well not alot happened, just another crappy day at work.


Friday…  Work again today, but was much better, one of those days that everyone moansa about, but I love.  Shortage of buses and drivers so it was “all hands on deck”.  I love it it when it’s like that, Gives you a good feeling to be helping out doing this and that.. not knowing where your going next.  And the passengers are all grateful for a bus lol.


Weekend was werk, werk and werk :/ although I had a different day on Sunday with Rail Replacement for London Underground.  Got to see how chaotic Heathrow is LOL

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