The Beginning!

Well here it is… the start of a new life.

  A few weeks ago i went to the doctors complaining of various things like Being tired all the time, Not having any energy to goto work (yeah I know everyone feels like that!), infact not wanting to do anything even if it was fun before etc.  I was told i was clinically (if thats how you spell it) depressed…  Well since then i’ve be uming and arring if i should take the tablets i’ve been given… i’ve heard that it is quite hard to get off of them again, so i’ve been in two minds.


So this is why this blog/journal is here.  Im gonna change a few things in my life!

Friends –

Firstly, start making some new local friends – Over the past few years all of my friends, apart from 1 or 2, have left Milton Keynes for pastures new.  Some in neighbouring towns, others at the other end of the country.  Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not some sort of loner, it’s just that ALOT of my friends are people I know on AOL and they now outweigh my “real” friends.  This balance I need to change so i’m off to the Adult college this week to see what i can enrol in.  Hopefully I can make a few friends and learn summat new in the process.


Psoriasis and sorting in out! – 

Right, for you people who don’t know, i have Psoriasis ( for details).  And the time has come to be honest with myself that I really haven’t worked at trying to clear my skin of it.  You maybe thinking that i’m some sort of freak for not wanting to have my skin ‘normal’ looking, maybe so, but as ive had it for 11 years now my skin is normal to me. :/  I’m thinking that the whole can’t be bothered attitude towards it is a combination of trying this that and the other in creams n stuff to no avail, and also the “cant be bother to do anything” depression that i’m suffering with.  But the time has come to get serious with it.  Now i expect people to nag me to do it, it’s the only way i’m gonna get anywhere!! LOL.  So please feel free to nag me via my journal to take me medication.  (A Thankyou goes to the lady for her pervious nagging to “rub me cream in”.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed) :o)

Well thats it for now, and I think it’s enough to be getting on with don’t you?? LOL  You may think that my life isnt very exciting but well i doubt your’s is either hehehe!


Watch this space for update!


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