'Bout time for an update


Well it’s been two weeks since I started my new job.The first week was the usual Form filling, being shown round the place and being introduced to loads of people who’s names you forget within 5 minutes.The second week was spent completing a NVQ specially created by Transport for London for Bus drivers.  The whole thing was a bit of a farce as we were given the answers lol.Then it was on to playing buses, by messing about with Ticket Machines and Band III radios and a bit of learning the routes for a couple of days.

And finally, yesterday I drove a bus in service on my own.. AND MY, WAS IT SCARY!!
Driving a bus in an area you don’t know is very weird and can cause allsorts of problems if you take a wrong turn.
Also it was far far busier than I would imagine it would be, with passengers and traffic.

When I was in Aylesbury a crowd was 3 old dears, Yesterday I picked up 94 people at once from 1 stop.. and being in a traffic jam at 9pm was also a new experience lol.

Just thinking what else has happened….. Oh yes, I had my IVA Meeting a week last tuesday and it was all accepted so no more nasty letters in the post and I can get on with my life once more.

Oh and I got a Tax rebate in my first pay packet so There’s nothing but good in the world at the moment 😀

I found this on YouTube the other day and think its very good and wish I could work out how they did it, what do you think?

Oh and for all you Food fans out there, I had Pizza for Tea.  

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