On the Buses

Well what an interesting day at work yesterday.

First thing to happen,  I’m waiting at a set of traffic lights wanting to turn right, and two lads come up and ask me if i will let them off the bus here.  This happens on average 3 – 4 times a trip, and the answer is always no.  Not because, as most people who know me will think, because I’m a mean git, It’s for safety and the fact that there are camera’s and people out n about, on and off the bus, watching you to see you are doing your job properly.  People don’t realise just how often the driver is being watched and that’s  ontop of the CCTV camera’s allover the bus which are used for keeping a check on the driver more than passenger safety, anyway i’m waffling, back to the story.  These guys ask to get off at the Traffic Lights and I say “No, Sorry”, The bus stop was only another 30ft away so it wasn’t like they had to walk miles.  Well, the usual response to No is a load of abuse and they attempt to open the doors themselves, which is what happened on this occasion, But what the lads didnt realise was that the left hand lane was on green and the fist guy got off the bus, straight into the path of a car with knocked him down.  His mate looked on in horror at what had happened and I got on the radio to ask for an Ambulance, Police and a London Bus official to attend as I now couldn’t move and was blocking up the whole place.  Everyone arrived and the guy was taken to hospital.  His mate sorta just stood there so I said to him that perhaps, when a driver says no to opening the doors, you might now know why.  We were there for ages as the police took statements from me, the car driver and passengers, and a download of the CCTV images, basically so that it could be proven that it was not the car driver’s fault.. Anyway by this time this has all hapened i’m late for my break to the bus goes back out to the garage not in service.

Then comes my afternoon stint.. Off we go again and two blokes are standing at a bus stop, flag me down to get on.. Not that unusual except that they want to get on with the washing machine they have just bought from comet.. After me and some of the passengers stop laughing I say no, and they can’t understand why, so more abuse, as standard, is relayed to me… The Bus carries on.. and then we have a big argument with a coloured lady and a white man who starts shouing racist abuse at her for no reason and then he hits he baby, so I have to call the police again who again take mine, the ladies and the passengers statements, with the outcome being that the man was arrested.

Quite an interesting day realy LOL.

I’m off now to B & Q to get something to start Operation: Fix Terrimundi

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