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Well it’s been a few weeks since my IVA started so thought I better update on whats been going on with it.

As I posted a while back, It was accepted by my Creditor’s by a very very small margin, Something like 0.15% so it really was touch and go that it happened at all.  The various creditors requested some rules be added to the agreement most were standard things that get added to them all like no credit to be applied for during the 5 years, (Like i’d want to have another Credit Card!).  It has also been requested that I stop payments into my pension, which doesnt bother me too much as I had been overpaying into it for a few years so hopefully it will balance itself all out after the gap of deposits.

I’m slowly getting used to budgeting my money, It does feel very alien not to have a credit card in my wallet to just bung the petrol on etc.  But it does also feel a bit weird having money left at the end of the week, That’s going to take some getting used to… Not too long I hope lol.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m no good at using savings accounts, As soon as theirs a decent amount in there i’m clicking away and having it transferred into my Current account to spend spend spend.  Instead I have found something called a Terrimundi, A Terrimundi is a little urn-shaped piece of pottery with a small slit in it to fit coins.  The enclosed card says that tradition states that you should make a wish as you insert your first coin, and then you must “feed” it coins until it’s full, When you have to smash it open to get at the money inside.  This is my kind of saving as I can’t get to the money.  I know that i’m not earning any interest on what’s inside, But Feeling it getting heavier keeps me motivated.  I have one that i’m filling with only £2 coins, and it should hold around £800 😀

I also got myself another one arrive today to fill with just general silver but things haven’t gone according to plan,  I opened the package and found…



 Thats right it arrived all smashed.  Not sure if the ebayer I got it from will send a replacement, Have to wait and see. :/

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