What to do..


 Not feeling good today.

As part of my IVA Application I have to open a basic bank account with no Credit facilities with a Bank that I owe no money to.

Well after posting on some forums (www.moneysavingexpert.co.uk is a great site!), It was suggested that I goto Yorkshire Bank as they offer a full blown Maestro Card on theres.. This is almost unheard of for a Basic Bank Account.  So I looked up their web site to see if I could open one online.. I couldn’t, So Plan B was to finda local Branch.  The nearest one is Northampton about 15-20 miles away.  So today I got all the stuff I needed ready and made my way to the Train Station, Paid £7 for my Train Ticket and trotted off to the Branch.

When I arrived at the Branch there was a guy infront of me who wanted to open a all singing all dancing Current account. They lady said it would be about 10 minutes to see someone so off he went to wait. I said i wanted to open a Basic Account with them and was told the same thing, So i went and sat in the waiting area too…..

 5 Minutes later the same woman comes over and tells this guy it wont be long now, and then turns to me and says “you’ll have to come back later”! I replied that I had travelled a fair distance to open this account and just got the reply, “Well I would come back tomorrow then”.

No offer of a appointment or anything, Yet the other guy who just walked off the street like me got seen. I felt quite small and like I was being Judged for getting myself into this “mess”.  I’m embarrased by the state i’ve got myself into as it is, I don’t need that

It doesn’t bode well for a trouble free Banking future with them, But they have kinda got me over a barrell as I really would prefer an account with Maestro/Solo card.  Plus I’ve got to get it all sorted and up n running before next monday before I start my new job.   Grrrrrr Just don’t know what to do at the minute!
Plus I wasted £7 on a train ticket LOL!

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