Buses, Hotels & Money


Well I’ve been quite busy the past week or so…

On Friday I went away for the weekend which was great, Met up with all my online friends, Had far too much to drink, Every photo of me looked dodgy.. (No need to comment on that thankyou!).. and bascally didn’t want the weekend to end.  Decided to stay an extra night as couldn’t face driving home on Sunday.  It was lovely to just relax and do buggar all. 🙂

On Tuesday I finally got my results of the medical I took the previous Friday for the Job thats taking an age to get.. Well the wait is all over now, after trundelling across london for most of the morning to collect my results, I passed the thing, and start the job on the 18th of Sept.


You would think thats what i’m looking forward to wouldn’t you, But no, not me!  The day after I start there is a Meeting for all the people I owe money to to vote if they accept my IVA and I can work at getting out of Debt, Thats what’s going round my mind at the moment…. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Oh and some nice person has given me a cold over the weekend so I feel like Poo and its not doing my Psoriasis any good either :/

(I’ll stop moaning now)

Oh and I had this Text’d to me this morning.. I know some strange People!


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